Fall actual play report – 209 “Dig Your Wishing Well”

We started where the last episode left off, Calvin at Darius’s place researching what happens to a human when they are transformed into a vampire. For no particular reason of course. He discovers that vampires are dead humans that have been possessed by demons, the souls are gone. They feed on the living to fill the void, or something. The vampire retains all the memories and some aspects of the human life. There can be obsessions with their previous life – for example they might hunt down and turn or kill family. Vampires have free will, capable of making their own decisions.

Megan admits that she needs some lessons before she rides her bike seriously and leaves it at Darius’s. Gets a ride home with Calvin and asks him when they can train again. Calvin says not tonight, drops her home and then texts Mason asking if he’s free to hang out. Mason texts back “The Limit” and they meet there to have beers. They bump fists and sit mostly silently re-bonding.

At Alex’s house her parents bring out the Monopoly board and she is forced into hours of happy family board game time. Right before midnight she sneaks out of house to patrol. In town she hears a scream and finds five vampire faced girls attacking a bleeding guy. Alex has a new back mounted sheath for her machete, by the way. She heads down the alley.
“Tell you what, you leave him alone and I’ll let you live,” she says.
“You know what, wow. You’ve convinced me, I’ve seen the error of my ways.” The vamp laughs and tells the others to attack.
They come at her, one has a chain, one has a switchblade and the other two appear to be unarmed. Alex ducks the first attack and draws her machete. She slashes at the one with the chain. She sinks the machete deep into her side, making her howl.

The switchblade misses Alex only by a hair, she ducks just in time. The vamp with a chain wraps it around her fist and then slams it into Alex’s gut. The other two connect with punches. Alex beheads the one with the chain. Switchblade screams with rage and tries to embed her knife into Alex’s machete arm. Alex just manages to dodge it again, but the blade goes very close. One slams her foot into the back of Alex’s leg, she dodges the one who had tried to grab her. Alex leaps up onto a skip to get out of their reach. One scrambles up on the skip and Alex stakes her, unfortunately she doesn’t explode into dust – missed the heart.
“You’ll pay for that, that’s my favourite shirt.”
Alex snarls back at her. Switchblade climbs up slowly. Alex dodges an attack from the other unarmed vamp who is still on the ground, then spin kicks to force the stake further into the staked vamp. The System of a Down shirt explodes with the vamp. Two down.

Alex evades the switchblade attack but takes a hit to the legs. The second vamp on the ground grabs her ankles. Alex hits switchblade and knocks her back off the skip. Alex is pulled off the skip but flips her body away from the swinging pipe of the vampire. She swings her machete to get the one who is grappling her, beheading it. The vamp with the pipe swings again but Alex is too quick. She leaps to her feet and brings her leg straight down on the vamp’s head. (Jenni: Sucks to be you vampire! Daniel: Well, they’re all about the sucking.) The vamp falls onto the groud and Alex finishes them both off, with extra kicking and pounding as if she’s somewhat frustrated.
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