Fall actual play report – 209 “Dig Your Wishing Well”

We started where the last episode left off, Calvin at Darius’s place researching what happens to a human when they are transformed into a vampire. For no particular reason of course. He discovers that vampires are dead humans that have been possessed by demons, the souls are gone. They feed on the living to fill the void, or something. The vampire retains all the memories and some aspects of the human life. There can be obsessions with their previous life – for example they might hunt down and turn or kill family. Vampires have free will, capable of making their own decisions.

Megan admits that she needs some lessons before she rides her bike seriously and leaves it at Darius’s. Gets a ride home with Calvin and asks him when they can train again. Calvin says not tonight, drops her home and then texts Mason asking if he’s free to hang out. Mason texts back “The Limit” and they meet there to have beers. They bump fists and sit mostly silently re-bonding.

At Alex’s house her parents bring out the Monopoly board and she is forced into hours of happy family board game time. Right before midnight she sneaks out of house to patrol. In town she hears a scream and finds five vampire faced girls attacking a bleeding guy. Alex has a new back mounted sheath for her machete, by the way. She heads down the alley.
“Tell you what, you leave him alone and I’ll let you live,” she says.
“You know what, wow. You’ve convinced me, I’ve seen the error of my ways.” The vamp laughs and tells the others to attack.
They come at her, one has a chain, one has a switchblade and the other two appear to be unarmed. Alex ducks the first attack and draws her machete. She slashes at the one with the chain. She sinks the machete deep into her side, making her howl.

The switchblade misses Alex only by a hair, she ducks just in time. The vamp with a chain wraps it around her fist and then slams it into Alex’s gut. The other two connect with punches. Alex beheads the one with the chain. Switchblade screams with rage and tries to embed her knife into Alex’s machete arm. Alex just manages to dodge it again, but the blade goes very close. One slams her foot into the back of Alex’s leg, she dodges the one who had tried to grab her. Alex leaps up onto a skip to get out of their reach. One scrambles up on the skip and Alex stakes her, unfortunately she doesn’t explode into dust – missed the heart.
“You’ll pay for that, that’s my favourite shirt.”
Alex snarls back at her. Switchblade climbs up slowly. Alex dodges an attack from the other unarmed vamp who is still on the ground, then spin kicks to force the stake further into the staked vamp. The System of a Down shirt explodes with the vamp. Two down.

Alex evades the switchblade attack but takes a hit to the legs. The second vamp on the ground grabs her ankles. Alex hits switchblade and knocks her back off the skip. Alex is pulled off the skip but flips her body away from the swinging pipe of the vampire. She swings her machete to get the one who is grappling her, beheading it. The vamp with the pipe swings again but Alex is too quick. She leaps to her feet and brings her leg straight down on the vamp’s head. (Jenni: Sucks to be you vampire! Daniel: Well, they’re all about the sucking.) The vamp falls onto the groud and Alex finishes them both off, with extra kicking and pounding as if she’s somewhat frustrated.

Alex is exhausted and shattered, he goes to check on the bleeding guy who is crumpled on the ground. She helps him up and assists him to the hospital where she drops him off and then vanishes. She limps home, climbs the tree and then only just manages to make the jump into her room.

Megan, having been dropped off home, goes online for shopping. She sees that her bank balance has gone up,and checks up on why. It turns out her programme has invested in stocks and been accruing interest. It seems to be very good at playing the stock market, it hasn’t made a mistake yet.
She shops around for magical books for Darius and an armoured leather jacket for herself. Megan then texts everyone saying ‘So what age do you want on your fake IDs?’ In 10 minutes she goes ahead and makes everyone 21 and has them delivered to their houses. She does this by hacking into the DMV and messing their dates of birth for the time it takes to issue them.

Darius has invited Jacinta over to work on the Spring Fling decorations. She exclaims over all his cool stuff like the swords on the walls. She gets on with Nebby because he’s so black. They spend some time getting to know each other, it’s lovely. He orders food in, she is impressed that he’s got his own money.
Jacinta: I thought you were gay, but it’s ok if you are. Or if you were just trying things out because that’s really cool too.
Darius: Maybe. I thought I was but…
J: Now you’re not?
D: I’m still figuring things out.
J: Maybe you’re bisexual?
D: Do you need a special seat for that? On your bicycle?

Calvin gets into a fight in the bar after having a few too many, Mason backs him up which is an important soul brother moment. The fight it with a couple of random people who also get violent when they’re drunk. There’s a whole thing where he thought they were looking at him funny and one of them said something about him being gay which reminded him of the awkward night with Darius and they fight. Calvin wins the fight with his epic fighting skills although is still onto it enough not to stake them, he has fun trashing the place. Then he is thrown out for fighting and banned from The Limit for a week. He then drives them both home and Mason crashes out on the couch.

Saturday, Calvin gets up late and finds Mason and Martha quite close together watching a movie in the lounge. Mason is trying to explain the philosophy behind Point Break to Martha. She’s listening attentively. Calvin goes into the furthest away kitchen from the lounge and has coffee and eggs.

Megan has motorcycle driving lessons with a boring old man.

During the day Alex and Darius are at school working on Spring Fling decorations, since the dance is just one week away. Alex is very quiet and also moving quite stiffly. She looks fine, but it looks like it hurts her to move.
D: Alex are you ok?
A: fine
D: You look like you’re hurting and…have you been fighting things without telling us?
A: It’s not that I’ve been fighting things with out telling you everyone’s been really busy.
D: oh right.
A: There were five of them. With chains and knives and stuff.

Mason and Martha go out for a bit, then Martha comes home alone. The weather is unseasonably nice so Calvin goes surfing with Mason.

Megan txts Alex and asks to be included in the evening’s patrol. Alex txts Megan when she gets to the cemetery. Megan roars up on her Ducati with a sword mounted on her back.
M: Oh hi Alex how are you?
A: Bike?
M: yeah it’s great isn’t it?
A: Since when do you have a motorbike?
M: Since yesterday. I thought it would be good for getting places fast. Do you need a bike?
A: No. I have a bike (she points to her bicycle.) And you have a sword?
M: Yeah.
A: You have been spending up large.

They find one newbie vampire, digging out of his grave. Alex stakes him.
M: I came to do that.
A: What?
M: I’m sick of holding the torch, I want to be more help. What about the other cemetery?
A: Listen I had a full on night last night and I think…I’ll go home.

Megan drives off, hair streaming behind her and the police pull out behind her, sirens blaring. Megan pulls over and tries to stash her gigantic sword, she’s back in the city so she goes just around the corner to put it in a dumpster. She gets tangled in the sword and the scabbard though, so when the police come around the corner she is illuminated brandishing it.
Police, dryly: Are you aware that you were riding without a helmet?
Megan: I’ve only just started, is that the rule?
P: No learner tags, no helmet. And a sword. Licence and registration please.
Megan pulls out her car driving learner’s permit and the legit ownership papers for the bike. The police ask her to come down to the station and remove the sword from her.
Megan: so there’s a law about helmets? It’s amazing what you learn.
Police: When you go for your licence you’ll learn that.

Megan’s mother comes to pick her up, distraught and sobbing she makes a huge scene about what a terrible mother she is. How she has failed, and Megan is a lost cause. Megan is given stern warnings and fined. Her sword is confiscated. Megan sulks in the back of the car on the way home and orders three more swords for herself on her phone. The bike has been impounded and will be taken off her permanently if she’s caught driving it again without a licence. When she gets home she stomps off to her room in a huff.

On Sunday Calvin texts Alex: What are you up to?
Alex: School. Spring Fling stuff.
C: When are you done?
A: Not sure, we’ve got heaps to do.
Calvin, knowing a brush off when he sees one doesn’t text her back, but thinks instead of Megan: you wanna practice?
Megan: Small problem. Come and pick me up.
C: Sure.
Calvin goes to pick Megan.
Megan: So you’ll never guess what happened last night. I only got pulled over by the police. They confiscated my bike and sword.
Calvin: Why did you have your sword?
M: Patrolling with Alex, it was so stupid there was this vampire that came up out of the grave and then Alex just staked him straight away and I didn’t even need to be there.
C: Hmmm.
M: It’s like she just wants to do this stuff on her own. Have you noticed?
M: Hey, let’s swing past Darius’s house and get a sword or something.
C: Nah, he’s at school doing Spring Fling stuff with Alex.
M: We know where the key is.
(Norman: D:)
C: There’s stuff at my place.
M: oh right then.
They head back to Calvin’s and train together in his basement gym. Alex jumps on her bike and heads up to Calvin’s.

Megan’s mother calls and asks if she’s been up to anything because a toaster oven has arrived from her bank. Megan tells her she can have it.
Megan asks to use the shower since she has a bit of time before she has to get home, he directs her to a guest one after she asks to use the one in his room.
Alex rings the doorbell, Calvin comes down to let her in, he’s wearing just track pants having had a shower himself.
C: oh hey.
Megan comes out the bathroom door and shouts: Calvin where are the towels?
Alex: Is that Megan?
C: Yeah.
Megan: I’m getting cold!
Calvin goes, gets towels, leaves them outside the bathroom she’s using and comes back to Alex.
C: Drink?
A: No, I just had a dinner break and I came up here to say hi but I guess it took longer than I thought it would to come up here so I’d better get going.
C: You don’t want a ride back in?
A: No, I have my bike.
Calvin leans in and she awkwardly gives him a hug and then leaves.

Monday morning Megan tracks Calvin down and talks to him about the training. He grunts a couple of times in response. Alex sprints into home room with just five minutes to go, looking flustered.

At lunch time Megan tells Darius about the books she ordered him. He is confused.
Megan: This money is so we can help people.
Alex comes up behind Calvin.
A: What money?
Megan looks around: I have this programme that skims money off people’s bank accounts.
Alex: Calvin can we talk?
C: Yeah.
They leave together.

Megan talks about how she has so much money now that the increase is just from the interest: It’s only 5 cents, no one notices. Did you notice when it came out of your account?
Darius: now I have to go check.
M: Do you want this jacket or not?
D:…yeah, go on.
Megan orders him a custom armoured leather jacket like hers.

Outside in the sunshine, Alex and Calvin talk.
Alex: So I haven’t seen much of you in the last week or so.
C: Nnno.
A: Is everything okay?
C: Yeah.
A: I guess…never mind.
C: Is everything okay with you?
A: I haven’t really been okay.
Alex mentions how weird it was when she dropped by and Megan was here.
C: We were just hanging out.
A: Yeah but with the way she feels about you and everything…
Calvin looks confused: With what?
A: Megan?
C: Yeah?
A: Ok you didn’t know anything? This is a weird thing for me to be telling you. But uh. Megan has…well, for a couple of years now she’s been in love with you.
C doesn’t believe it:…are you sure?
A: Yeah, she used to, you know…back when we used to study together?
C: Yeah?
A: And then when I started going out with Mason she talked about double dating.
C: O_o She never said anything.
A: I guess she was hoping that you’d pick up on the signs. But I guess you were too busy with the whole Martha disappearing thing…
C: Yeah. Wait, so you thought me and her?
A: Uh. No, I guess now that I think about it…but I just freaked.
There’s some awkward discussion about Megan going off the rails.

A: If there’s anything on your mind you know you can talk to me.
C: Okay. Um, yeah. Well, maybe not now. You know, school and stuff.
A: Sure.
The bell rings they awkwardly get back to class.

Darius panicking. Everyone in school is giving him all the problems that are coming up with the Spring Fling.
Aurora: I can’t get all the gate decorations done but someone said you’d take care of it. I’ve got Heaven and Hell done but the rest just can’t get done.
Tiffany: I know you wanted me to do the cauldron with the dry ice but I have a cheerleading practice so I’m going to do that.
They link pinkies and leave. Darius has a slight panic attack, but he still has four days to go so he calms himself down.

Alex waits around outside Megan’s house, Jim Locke seems very depressed. Megan gets home around 5pm.
Alex: Hey, I’ve been thinking. (She looks in the front door and gestures away from the front door so they can talk without being overheard.) So about the fraud?
Megan: Fraud? Oh you mean the scamming? You want me to buy you something?
A: No, it’s. I think you’re seriously breaking the law. Just hacking into the systems in the first place is a major federal crime.
M: I’ll put it back, we have enough money now I can just use the interest.
They argue a bit about whether they need money to do what they do. Megan mentions that her computer is doing it without her input. They walk away from the house.
Megan: The computer looks after itself now. I can put the money back in tonight it’s not like I have anything better to do.
A: You know, eventually someone’s going to notice.
M: No it’s really secure. (She goes into technical detail.)
Alex tries to reason with her about the ethical implications of what she’s doing. Megan points out that unlike her, the others don’t have super strength and need weapons. Alex points out that she’s the one that’s supposed to be the soldier and not die.
Megan: We’re just trying to help. I mean, you’re always going on at Darius when he’s trying to help with his spells and stuff.
Alex: Darius caused me to have what might be the most traumatic event of my life.
M: It feels like you just want to be out there by yourself, like you don’t appreciate us.
A: Of course I appreciate it. The fact that you help at all. I mean, I have no choice.
M: I thought you did make the choice, with that spell.
A: Yeah, the most traumatic moment of my life.
Alex talks about her epic slayer destiny. Megan promises to give the money back and says the computer will take care of itself. They say goodbye quite coldly.

Megan walks back in to hear Jim say “I don’t know what I’m going to do.” He puts on a smile when he sees her and they have an uncomfortable meal. The toaster oven hasn’t been unpacked. Megan tried to return the money but she has too many fail safes built into the programme and she can’t do it. So she makes large donations to charities instead to make herself feel better.


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