Baby Quilt

When I heard that my friends Morgue and Cal were having a baby my mission was obvious: make a baby quilt.

What wasn’t obvious was how to make this quilt different, to make it uniquely Cal and Morgue.

The answer lay in Spoonflower, their amazing print on demand service and the vast talents of the people who upload their own designs for people like me to purchase. I already had some fabrics which I hadn’t used yet, but I made another order specifically to get Cthulu.

The design of the quilt then had to allow for a large square to show off the design. I have had excellent success in the past with an alternating double square/economy patch design so I did that again.

This quilt ended up having a high concept behind it. It’s about the different worlds you visit when you’re a kid, playing with toys and using your imagination. Yeah, a high concept baby quilt. Here at Talula I just keep on pushing the boundaries don’t I?

These photos are bigger than they’re displaying on here, click on them if you want to see in more detail or with less distortion.

Red Riding hood, toys and monsters oh my!

My father in law thinks Cthulu is too scary for a baby but I say, if you grow up with Cthulu then you don’t need to fear him. If you had Cthulu on your baby quilt then you’d be way more prepared when he actually appears on this plane and takes over. Continue reading