sock bunny

Using a longer length sock you have more scope for experimentation with your sock creature making. This pair of knee length socks would, I knew, make a charming looking sock animal and the knee length lent itself to long ears. Conclusion: pink striped bunny.

For the most part you make it like you would a sock monkey. You just need to sew long curved bunny ears in the upper part of the sock, rather than little round ones from the foot. Assembling is the same except that the muzzle should look quite different. I went for a nice fat, roundy face for my bunny, stuffing the sides quite separately with rounds of stuffing and then sewing a line down the middle with embroidery thread. Pull it tight and repeat a couple times. The nose is a few lines of embroidery thread.

what do to about the tail? Sock monkeys have long whippy tails. Bunnies should have cute little fluffy cottontails. I used some leftover sock, cut a circle and gathered the edges. A little stuffing and you get a rather adorable round bunny tail.

Sock bunny was gifted to Morgue and Cal along with the baby quilt.

8 thoughts on “sock bunny

    • thanks, I’m making more sock bunnies at the moment, will post them when they’re done.

  1. Sock bunny is still a favourite with Wee Beastie! Yesterday he was the patient in a rather long running game of doctoring. Turns out he had bumped his tummy and needed his temperature taken.

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