Things I love Thursday

Beautiful reproduction posters from the early half of last century. There is much LOL in the Health and Safety section (esp “The enemy is Syphilis and Pneumonia strikes like a man eating shark! With it’s pilot fish the common cold!) and much prettiness at the travel and World’s Fair sections.

But the biggest thing I’m happy about right now is that I am done with my super-fast edit and rewrite of Rain. This afternoon it was printed, packaged and sent on its merry way to Auckland to be judged in the Tessa Duder awards. This edit/rewrite was intense. I had a minor hysterical meltdown about it last night. All today I’ve been wired, really tense and worried. That is all over now, there is nothing more that I can do. It’s out, it’s gone and it’s done.

Weird in Wellington on Tumblr is amazing. I’m pleased someone else is documenting street art/weird stuff on the road, because I keep thinking it’s a good idea and then doing nothing. Does anyone know who maintains it?

Things to look forward to: Another epic episode of Fall tonight, work Hallowe’en party tomorrow, my Hallowe’en/birthday party on Saturday night, Leonard Cohen on Sunday. These things are awesome in and of themselves but also because they herald such excellent things as costumes, costume photo opportunities, hanging out with friends, seeing my parents, hearing excellent music and receiving presents. Nice one.

Honourable mentions: This SMBC cartoon is so freaking true, shower when I get home so that I smell nice and feel not-sticky, loving husbands, Scott Pilgrim vols 5 + 6 arriving in the mail for me, reading the Absolute Sandman vol 4 and cool, fresh water.