Hell Girl

You may recall that I had a big plan to become Hell Girl for my work Hallowe’en party. Well it happened.

After this the pants were tucked into the boots to show them off and I think that worked well. This costume is made up of (in order of awesomeness)
Sawn off foam latex horns made by Bryn and attached with spirit gum
100% authentic HB2 merchandise Hell Boy Hand from The Costume Shop. (Worth every cent.)
Leather coat bought second hand on Waiheke Island
Leather biker boots bought second hand off Trade Me aaaaaaaages ago
Black pants from Paper Bag Princess
Red long sleeve T from Farmers
Lots of red face paint.

The face paint was a bad idea. It was just cheap stuff from Whitcoulls and it started itching after about an hour and then it started peeling. Particularly on the parts of me that move a lot such as my neck and next to my mouth. The effect was good though and I won the prize for best dressed female. Yay!

Walking through town to get to the party was pretty funny. Lee was dressed as my FBI ‘minder’ so he looked relatively normal. I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t see too many reactions but I did make some little girls scream. They saw me coming out of a mass of people crossing Taranaki St and shrieked. It was hilarious. Also ran into Steve and someone Lee knew. Even walking through the bar to the private function room was a bit of a trial.

More pics after the cut…
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