Fall actual play report – 210 ‘Spelled Differently’

Darius is making lists of things to do for the Spring Fling. In a panic he calls Alex and asks her to put in more time over the next few days.
Alex: Well, sure but we’re pretty much done.
Darius: What? But we have to do the bunting and the painting is wrong and the tables are different heights and (he rants for some time.)
Alex: Okay fine.

Darius then calls Calvin.
Darius: Calvin?
Calvin: Yeah?
D Can you help? Alex will be there!
C: Uhhhh?
D: With the Spring Fling. Tomorrow after school and maybe the next day.
C: What kind of help?
D: We have to do the bunting and the painting is wrong (and he rants a whole lot more.)
C: Uhhhh…
D: Thanks! Bye!
Darius hangs up and then calls Megan and she agrees to help as well.

Calvin texts Alex around 9.30 and asks where she is. She replies that she’s at home, three minutes later he rings her doorbell. Jared opens the door, stares at Calvin and then walks away. Somewhat relieved that he doesn’t have to talk to Alex’s parents, Calvin goes upstairs to find Alex. He knocks on her closed door and she yells.
Alex: Jared! Leave me alone!
Calvin opens the door and comes in, Alex is surprised. He takes a look around the room, since it’s his first time in here. She has a bunch of arty framed prints on the walls and a big pin board with photos on it. Alex asks him to sit down, she’s on the bed and there’s space next to her or on the desk chair. He sits on the chair.
C: Alex, you wanted to talk right?
Alex is understandably guarded, but agrees that she wanted to talk. Calvin is quiet for a moment, but eventually manages to tell her that he’s been feeling like he can’t keep up with her. It’s been hard for him to deal with that, and he hates having his ass handed to him over and over again when she can just heal over night.
Alex tells him that the other night she went out and fought five vamps and she got pretty beat up.
Alex: I missed you, because it’s easier when you’re there. I wished you were.

Calvin mentions that he had been thinking about something but he’d decided that he wouldn’t do it. He doesn’t seem keen to tell her exactly what it is, but she asks straight out and he admits that Ash offered to make him a vampire and he had considered it. Continue reading