Fall actual play report – 210 ‘Spelled Differently’

Darius is making lists of things to do for the Spring Fling. In a panic he calls Alex and asks her to put in more time over the next few days.
Alex: Well, sure but we’re pretty much done.
Darius: What? But we have to do the bunting and the painting is wrong and the tables are different heights and (he rants for some time.)
Alex: Okay fine.

Darius then calls Calvin.
Darius: Calvin?
Calvin: Yeah?
D Can you help? Alex will be there!
C: Uhhhh?
D: With the Spring Fling. Tomorrow after school and maybe the next day.
C: What kind of help?
D: We have to do the bunting and the painting is wrong (and he rants a whole lot more.)
C: Uhhhh…
D: Thanks! Bye!
Darius hangs up and then calls Megan and she agrees to help as well.

Calvin texts Alex around 9.30 and asks where she is. She replies that she’s at home, three minutes later he rings her doorbell. Jared opens the door, stares at Calvin and then walks away. Somewhat relieved that he doesn’t have to talk to Alex’s parents, Calvin goes upstairs to find Alex. He knocks on her closed door and she yells.
Alex: Jared! Leave me alone!
Calvin opens the door and comes in, Alex is surprised. He takes a look around the room, since it’s his first time in here. She has a bunch of arty framed prints on the walls and a big pin board with photos on it. Alex asks him to sit down, she’s on the bed and there’s space next to her or on the desk chair. He sits on the chair.
C: Alex, you wanted to talk right?
Alex is understandably guarded, but agrees that she wanted to talk. Calvin is quiet for a moment, but eventually manages to tell her that he’s been feeling like he can’t keep up with her. It’s been hard for him to deal with that, and he hates having his ass handed to him over and over again when she can just heal over night.
Alex tells him that the other night she went out and fought five vamps and she got pretty beat up.
Alex: I missed you, because it’s easier when you’re there. I wished you were.

Calvin mentions that he had been thinking about something but he’d decided that he wouldn’t do it. He doesn’t seem keen to tell her exactly what it is, but she asks straight out and he admits that Ash offered to make him a vampire and he had considered it. Alex is stunned.
C: But it’s a stupid idea, and I’m…not gonna do it.
A: But you thought about it.
C: Yeah.
A: Where is Ash now?
C: Florida.
A: That’s a long way away.
Calvin tells her that the whole point is that the demon thing has been hard, and it sucks.
Alex: Maybe you should just…keep not doing it then.
Calvin:…but what I wanted to say was that you’re worth it. I want to keep doing it.
Alex gives him a slightly aggressive kiss and asks if he wants to go for a walk. They go to the cemetery but there’s no vampires around. They end up making out, kind of violently. It’s almost as if Alex has all this rage that she’s trying to squash down.

Darius spends his evening auditioning bands by watching videos on youtube, but none of them are right. Jacinta is no help, she prefers old school bands like The Smiths and The Cure, she doesn’t like pop music at all.

Calvin and Alex arrive at school together on Tuesday. Nothing much happens during the school day, except that Megan bounds up to Calvin. He looks awkward, his body stiffens and his eyes go wide.
Megan: Hey Calvin!
Calvin: Hi!
Megan: So, more practicing soon?
C: No. I have to…help with the Spring Fling.
M: Oh I’m helping too, so that will be good.
C: Good! I have to go now.
M: Are you okay?
C: Yes.
M: You sure you’re okay?
C: Yes. I have to go…to class.

Megan catches up with Alex in their last class of the day.
M: Is Calvin all right?
A: Yeah.
M: No, I don’t think he is
A: He was fine this morning.
M: He was acting really odd.

After school Megan and Darius fight over whether or not the helpers need name tags. Megan points out that everyone knows everyone already but he won’t be swayed. Plus there’s a problem with the tables, some are taller than others and he has a number of things on his list still to do. Megan slaps him after he screams at her, but it’s doesn’t really help. Darius ends up shouting “You don’t understand me!”
Alex intervenes: Darius, breathe.
D: Mmm!
Alex solves the issue with the tables: they can be scattered around instead of lined up next to each other. Then she drags Calvin away by the hand to ‘help’ her.

Megan searches online for flowers and shows Darius pictures. He turns down the first two because they’re not fire and icey enough. He says yes to the third arrangement and Megan orders them.
M: What’s your budget?
D: Not that much!
M: You should have said before I ordered them.
D: What? I’m supposed to read things now?

Calvin and Alex are making out in the corner, not helping. Darius’s physical list has had most of the stuff crossed out, but his internal list has doubled in length. He has another break down, yelling at people.
Darius: This has got to be the best Spring Fling ever!
Alex: Darius, you remember that this was a detention?
D: Oh. Yeah. But this is still important!
Darius and Megan then fight about how much money they have for the band. Darius leaves.

At home Darius drags out the instructions for the Paragon spell, it’s pretty easy to do it just takes him a few hours.

Back at the school gym Alex wonders if she should go home so her parents don’t freak out, but decides to go for dinner with Calvin instead. Megan is hanging around listening and Calvin is acting weird about her. Calvin and Alex leave her behind, Alex asks him what’s up. He looks meaningfully at Megan.
Alex: I’m sure it’s not even anything any more.
Calvin: Mm?
A: What?
C: I never noticed anything before. How would I know if she’s doing anything now?
A: Well, have their been inordinate amounts of touching?
C: What’s inordinate amounts?
A (suspicious): how much touching has there been?
C: We did fight practice.

On Wednesday morning Megan wakes up, heads downstairs to the kitchen. She finds Jim Locke hanging dead from a fixture in the ceiling. She screams and collapses. Her mother runs down the stairs to investigate and she screams as well. Megan tries to pull herself together. Her first instinct is to call Darius and find out what he thinks she should do.

Darius is woken by the ringing phone. He is in a big house that isn’t his, with a supermodel snuggled in next to him. He soothes Megan over the phone and assures her that he’ll help. He gets up, hops into his Austin Martin BD7 and drives to Megan’s house.

Darius: Megan, what’s wrong?
Megan slumps onto his shoulder, crying. Megan’s mum adjusts her clothing a bit on seeing D. The police arrive and ask Darius what he would like them to do. He instructs them to cordon off the scene. He calms Megan down with relative ease. She sits with her mother while Darius does a crime scene analysis. He deduces that Jim struggled, but there’s no evidence of foul play. There’s no forced entry. Basically it looks like he committed suicide. He goes to tell Megan and her mother.
Megan: what’s going on? Why would Jim kill himself?
Mrs Young, crying: I didn’t think it was this bad. His accounts were drained, there was no trace…When he complained to the bank there was some noise about fraud. He was really worried but I thought we’d get through it…(she breaks down and sobs)
Megan: but if it was just money, that can be sorted out.
Darius: I’m sure we can get you some grief counselling.

The police ask Darius if he wants to be kept informed about this case, he says he does.

At school, Calvin has arrived early. He walks past the film geeks, who are talking about the homage to The Man they’re planning to make. They’re worried because there’s no way they can make it as good as the one Darius did himself last year. All around school are posters of Darius with slogans like “Education is important” and “Join me in the A+ club!” Calvin is slouching, which is not how he usually holds himself.

Darius is no longer worried about the Spring Fling, everything is under control after all. His band will be playing for the entertainment and there’s nothing to concern himself with. Megan asks to come to school with Darius, she leaves her mother in the excellent care of the grief councillor Darius called in. She is cheered up by the time they get to school. Darius gets out of his car to find Calvin waiting for him by the entrance. Megan breezes past with a barely audible “hi Calvin.”
Calvin: himegan. Hi Darius!
Darius and Calvin fist bump a bro-greeting and Darius punches Calvin in the arm. Calvin kind of giggles and slouches down a bit so he’s not taller than Darius.
Calvin: How are you, you know, today?
Darius: I’m good, but Megan’s not so good, Jim Locke’s killed himself.
C: Far out. He changed my locks just like, last week.
D: I never used him for my locks…
Calvin’s face falls: I’ll use someone else next time.
C: Well, you’ll have to!

They laugh together and head into school.

*roll credits*

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