All credit for costume creation goes to the lovely Michaela. I just bought it off her.

I was nervous about wearing this one. Face paint aside, the Hell Girl costume was very comfortable -loose pants, soft T shirt, leather coat to hide behind. Catwoman on the other hand, is all skin tight all the time. Lucky for me I have some very lovely friends. I was putting the finishing touches on my lipstick, all suited and corsetted up, when Sam and Nasia came in and told me I looked good. Seriously, thanks guys! It was just what I needed to hear and the stomach butterflies vanished.

Unfortunately my pictures are all from inside at the party, so not very evocative of Gotham City. I will get suited up again sometime and prowl the city, get some photos where it all looks a bit more bad ass. But here’s what I have, enjoy!


The corset was purchased off Trade Me, and is a little big. I was going by my measurements and the measurements on the site, forgetting that it’s all right to have a corset which is too small. On the other hand, I was very comfortable in it and perfectly able to draw breath so I count that as a win!

More pics after the cut.
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