All credit for costume creation goes to the lovely Michaela. I just bought it off her.

I was nervous about wearing this one. Face paint aside, the Hell Girl costume was very comfortable -loose pants, soft T shirt, leather coat to hide behind. Catwoman on the other hand, is all skin tight all the time. Lucky for me I have some very lovely friends. I was putting the finishing touches on my lipstick, all suited and corsetted up, when Sam and Nasia came in and told me I looked good. Seriously, thanks guys! It was just what I needed to hear and the stomach butterflies vanished.

Unfortunately my pictures are all from inside at the party, so not very evocative of Gotham City. I will get suited up again sometime and prowl the city, get some photos where it all looks a bit more bad ass. But here’s what I have, enjoy!


The corset was purchased off Trade Me, and is a little big. I was going by my measurements and the measurements on the site, forgetting that it’s all right to have a corset which is too small. On the other hand, I was very comfortable in it and perfectly able to draw breath so I count that as a win!

More pics after the cut.

The Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh poses for a commemorative photo

I’m so glad a LOLcat came to my party. I didn’t wear the gloves because I forgot to do anything about my claws. Michaela kindly provided me with thimbles with holes drilled into them but I forgot to buy needle threaders to hack into claws…so I just left them off. I do like my Jennifer’s Body inspired nail polish too.

MySpace posing with a pirate. I’m really pleased with how my make up came out. I wasn’t sure about using the brown on my eyelids because in Batman Returns Michelle Pfieffer’s make up is very black and white, almost making her look monochromatic except for the red lips. I wasn’t going with a super white face though, so I figured a dark brown would complement the eye liner. I think it really pops. Fiercely.

Here’s some bad ass women. Catwoman and Elizabeth Bennett: zombie killer. Ellen said something like ‘not sure who’s protecting who, here.’ I think it depends on the threat. If it’s zombies Catwoman would totally take the back seat (climb the nearest building maybe) and let Lizzy cut some heads off. If it was Batman, or some sort of street gang I think Catwoman could take care of it easily enough. Velociraptor attack? We’d be fighting side by side.


6 thoughts on “Catwoman

  1. Wow. What great photos. Awesome catwoman costume and you look amazing in it. Possibly you should consider stalking the streets of Wellington at night or a career in cat burgulary purely to have more opportunities to wear it?

    I’m also very pleased that LOLcats were well represented, as well as pirates and zombie-slaying Elizabeth Bennetts of course. πŸ™‚

  2. You looked awesome πŸ™‚ So good. People really costumed up for your party, I felt a bit slack, but oh well. I actually considered doing Aja for a while, after all that work, I really should get more wear out of it!

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