Things I Love Thursday

  • Sunshine, warm weather, summer clothes! I am so much more alive in the summer time. I get more done, I’m happier, I get up earlier…This week I even went for a run! I’ve told lots of people about that, so that I will be motivated to do it again.
  • Craft! Blog post coming very soon about the excellent dot to dot embroidery pieces Ellen gave me to do. I’m also all inspired about patchwork and making things in general. I also spent some time recently browsing Felt for Christmas gifts. Good times, good times.
  • Roleplaying is good right now. I have another session of Fall tomorrow to look forward to, and my Tuesday group has started a very promising game of Prime Time Adventures. I’ve managed to create an awesome new character and I’m excited about it. Also, guest star Fraser in both games!
  • My husband. I don’t think I mention him on here enough. I love it when we take the time to talk to each other, reconnecting is very important.

Honourable Mentions: Meg Cabot’s excellent blog on how to fight the suckage. This hilarious website based around the iPhone’s autocorrect failures. Lots of LOLz on there, but here’s one of my favourites: Drama. Sloth delivery, home made pizza with wholemeal base and the pretty pretty sunshine.