Dot to dot embroidery

Spoiler warning! Do not read or look at the pictures if you want to do the Cryptozoology dot to dot embroideries!

Ellen gave me an awesome awesome gift which is both mystery excitement (like a Lego minifigure, all sealed in it’s bag, full of potential) and crafty. Dot to dot embroidery! It’s just what it sounds like, there’s a bunch of numbers printed on fabric and you sew between them in order to make a mystery picture. It’s highly addictive and much more exciting than embroidery usually is. They are from here and I am so tempted to buy up a bunch more sets.

The set she gave me is the Cryptozoology one, which was totally perfect. The sample one (they give you a sticker showing one of them finished) is a unicorn. Here’s mine:

I did this one with the purple thread Ellen gave me, and then I have it highlights in pale pink, on the horn and a stripe down the tail. This one looks really good because for the most part I didn’t have to double back or cross the body of the animal. Plus, it’s really easy to tell what it’s meant to be!

The others are behind the cut, so if you’re keen to do these please do not click and spoil yourself 🙂
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