Dot to dot embroidery

Spoiler warning! Do not read or look at the pictures if you want to do the Cryptozoology dot to dot embroideries!

Ellen gave me an awesome awesome gift which is both mystery excitement (like a Lego minifigure, all sealed in it’s bag, full of potential) and crafty. Dot to dot embroidery! It’s just what it sounds like, there’s a bunch of numbers printed on fabric and you sew between them in order to make a mystery picture. It’s highly addictive and much more exciting than embroidery usually is. They are from here and I am so tempted to buy up a bunch more sets.

The set she gave me is the Cryptozoology one, which was totally perfect. The sample one (they give you a sticker showing one of them finished) is a unicorn. Here’s mine:

I did this one with the purple thread Ellen gave me, and then I have it highlights in pale pink, on the horn and a stripe down the tail. This one looks really good because for the most part I didn’t have to double back or cross the body of the animal. Plus, it’s really easy to tell what it’s meant to be!

The others are behind the cut, so if you’re keen to do these please do not click and spoil yourself 🙂

The second one I did was one that I had no idea what it could possibly be. Imagine my delight when this guy started becoming clear…

Cthulu! Yay! I love the way his face tentacles look, and the shape of the wings. His dark and brooding brow was a good way of getting the line over to the other wing, but it looks a little funny over his left shoulder. I think I’ll go back and stitch in some arms. Maybe eyes peeking out from that brow too. Variegated blue and green thread for Cthulu.

I was obsessed. I had to know what the others were. I finished them all in a couple of days.

The yeti/Bigfoot/sasquatch above is the first one I did. I like him okay, but I find him a bit confusing. Does he have a beak, or a really craggy brow? Plus, the crossing over on the feet to get the thread line to the next part of the design spoils the effect a little, in my opinion. But I still like him. I might go back and add some more detail around his face and hands to it’s more obvious what he is. I sewed him in variegated thread because I had no idea what he’d be.

I figured out this guy before I started sewing, something about the shape of the back gave him away…I sewed this guy with one of the colours of thread Ellen gave me. I thought it was a good, swampy, Scottish colour.

I added the eye detail. I could go back with blue and make the water more watery but I’m not sure I need it. On his neck you can see where I thought I was clever and curved a line in to make his neck prettier, not realising that the line in the back was doing the same thing dictated by the numbers. I “fixed” it by adding in another line with a more natural flow. I guess we can just assume he has a smooth, pale underbelly and that’s the demarcation line. I still think he’s super cute.

The final one was a mystery until I’d done her little delicate hand…

I was pleased with the colours of variegated thread for this image. I’m not sure what’s happening with her other hand though, might be another case for going in and adding some more detail. I could do a face too, maybe a sea shell bra. Lovely flowing lines on her though, great design.

Shown in the lovely embroidery hoop that Ellen gave me.

I had so much fun doing these I went online last night (some days after I started writing this post) and bought myself some more sets…

For these ones, I’m planning an epic Cryptozooligal quilt, incorporating the Cthulu fabric, whatever dragon and unicorn fabrics I have leftover from baby quilts and the Dr Who themed material I recently received. Should be awesome.


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