Things I Love Thursday

Weird in Wellington continues to be amazing. Is it wrong that I want to stick something totally random out on out balcony to attract his attention and maybe make it onto the blog? Maybe? Also he has made me notice the little things around me more. I was always prone to notice street art of the stencil or mural kind, but suddenly I’m seeing all these stickers everywhere…

I’ve been going running again and I have to say, I don’t actually love it yet. BUT I love that I am doing it and that it will get easier the more I get back into it and that soon, soon, soon it will be fun again. I’ve gone every second day since Wednesday last week. Except I was lazy and stayed in bed on Tuesday but then we played high impact team supercharge laser force for half an hour for team building and that definitely counts! I was dripping after that I can tell you. The post-run stiffness is easing off and although I’ve had some trouble with lactic acid in my ankles that’s slowly improving too.

I don’t know why, but I really love entertaining. You know, having people in my house. I am currently planning a Thanksgiving dinner for Saturday week and I’m having excellent fun looking up new recipes on foodgawker and making my mouth water as I imagine delicious turkey and other foods. Mmmmm turkey.

Honourable Mentions: My friends and my family, articles that encourage me to keep on Dreaming the dream, Museum lets you play every video game ever, karoke (Yeah, I shredded my throat singing Dream On again but I got applause so I care not!), got tickets to see Harry Potter 7 tomorrow night woo!, reading good books, making the effort to submit my writing, the PTA game my Tuesday night gamers are playing, Lego minifigures, fooseball, Chrome’s gmail checker, new books, milky bars, eskimo pies, weather hot enough that I can wear my sundress and that my new regency dress is ready for hemming!

4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Jealous of Regency dress!

    – Enjoyed the books you lent me
    – Have good sisters helping me
    – Not having to cook as so many wonderful friends and family giving me food
    – Sweets is freaking adorable right now
    – Seeing my hubby in 2 sleeps

  2. Sass, yes I have noticed. I’m less fond of stretchy neck chickens, although they do still make me smile.

    There is new art of Eyebrow cat and buddies are up on Vivian St, you can see it when you walk back from The Warehouse. (I think.)

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