PTA – New game

My Tuesday night group has started a new game of Prime Time Adventures. Our direct inspirations are: Supernatural (but not as dark), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (in the 1980s), and The X-Files. But set in the 1980s.

Celeste is playing an FBI agent, Helen Smith, who is a cyborg. Here’s Helen. Her issue is humanity, mostly around losing it and becoming unfeeling. Did I say becoming? She’s already unfeeling.

Her partner is played by me and I decided to be a werewolf. I like playing male characters in tabletop games so I went with Will Cantrell for a name and this pretty boy for the face…

The perfect thing about using Taylor Kitsch for this character is that it turns out he was in The Covenant with Stephen Strait who I used as my other major PTA character Sam in “The Other Side”. Fate, man.

Will’s issue is intimacy, as in, he doesn’t want it. As werewolves go he’s pretty laid back, but there is one thing that really gets on his nerves. That would be Svend’s character…

Dr John Dorian is a grey alien, but he has this nifty disguise that makes him look human. John learned about humans by watching television and taking university courses. He doesn’t really get a lot of ways people relate to each other and his issue is curiosity. This can be infuriating. Initially he was arrested by agents Smith and Cantrell but their boss talked to his boss and there are politics around it and he’s been assigned to them as a consulting specialist.

Then there’s Vincent, aka Tyger Mars, legendary pop star. He works for the FBI and is a mad scientist. However after the second episode the producers decided this character wasn’t gelling with the team and he was replaced by a new character with a mysterious connection to Helen.

In the first episode agents Cantrell and Smith were escorting John in custody back to base following some cattle mutilation incidents. They hit a unicorn on the road, stopped to help it and found the people who had been chasing it. They were connected to some sort of illegal mining operation involving a whole lot of homeless kids who had been forced into labour there. Tyger was called in since he has the biggest vehicle, John healed the unicorn, there was a massive raid on the mining camp in which

Will took out most of the guards with stealth wolf tactics, Helen destroyed their weapons cache and all the kids were rescued. One girl took a particular shine to Will, who was distinctly uncomfortable. John forgot to do his part during the raid and was stuffed in a backpack by Helen so he wouldn’t get into more trouble, Tyger failed to comfort any of the kids once they were in his tour bus. We got some insight into Helen and Will’s working partnership when they met up after a gigantic fight.

Helen: It’s about time you caught up.
Will: Caught up? I’ve been saving the –
Helen: How many times have you discharged your weapon?
Will: I haven’t.
Helen: There you go.

Finally there was a confrontation with a mysterious vampire called Hitchins who seems to be Will’s ex partner.

Vamp: I see you’re still kissing Washington ass.
Will: See you’re still kidnapping children and using them for slave labour.
Vamp: Ain’t none of these cattle gonna be missed.

There was a tussle, the vamp flew away in bat form and the agents returned to the bus to finish things up. The kids were all sent to foster homes, the girl with a crush asked Will if she’d ever see him again and he was forced to say yes and John Dorian was assigned to the agents as a permanent advisor due to politics with his home planet. Tyger caught up with his band and they headed to New Orleans. Apparently last time they were there something….happened. Something that must not be spoken of.

A fine time was had by all and we agreed to play a 5 episode first season.


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