Things I Love Thursday

I’ve finally started reading the amazing book Zombies vs Unicorns and it is freaking awesome. The first story is by Garth Nix (<3) and has both a unicorn and a zombie in it, and then there was a teen-boy gay love zombie story which *really* reminded me of Ash from our Buffy game, an urban fairy tale with a smart talking unicorn and a bunch of unicorn babies and then I read a really scary one about the zombie apocalypse…they're excellent. It's an excellent book.

Someone pretended to be a time traveller.

Rory’s book club.

Lunch with darling friends. Laughing in the middle of the day really makes work much more enjoyable.

Sleeping. I wasn’t well Tuesday night/Wednesday but I got lots and lots of sleeping done instead of going to work and work up around 4.30pm feeling peachy. Nice one.

Looking forward to the weekend where I shall have a lot of friends over for Thanksgiving dinner and then on Sunday I’m seeing my parents for lunch and stuff. Turkey! Turkey! Turkey!

Meg Cabot’s Thanksgiving thanks list of things she’s grateful for. It’s lovely.

This ‘It Gets Better’ message from Pixar. So much love.


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