advent calendar Dec 1st

I usually do this over on my livejournal, but this blog gets a lot more traffic and it’s easier to upload photos to. Every day I will post a picture. I’ll try to make them ones I’ve taken myself, but they won’t always be.

Click the link below to ‘open the window’ and see today’s image. Also you should check out the Wellington advent calendar, because in addition to having a lovely picture and proper windows you can click on every day there’s a new deal for stuff around town. Today’s one is two for one coffees at Mojo.

Marching girls in the Christmas parade.

Do you see how they march two by two?

With their hands of blue?



3 thoughts on “advent calendar Dec 1st

  1. Two by two with hands of blue.

    We never did find out what those blue handed guys were about. Other than that they worked for the Alliance.

    I miss Firefly.

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