Advent calendar day 4

Stuff I should do to prepare for Christmas:

– Put up Christmas tree
– Make lebkuchen dough
– Make fudge (oyes oyes)
– complete Christmas shopping (nearly done)
– Wrap presents
– Listen to lots and lots of Christmas music!

December 4th, advent calendar image…

Yep, that’s Darth Vader strolling down the street in the Christmas parade. Because nothing says “Christmas” like Sith Lords!

The small girl sitting in front of me had been giving a fairly reliable commentary on the parade to her friend and her mum (sitting back on the other side of the footpath) “There’s Dora!” “It’s Spongebob!” etc. When Darth came walking she went very quiet. Once he’d gone past her she turned to her mum and shouted, a big smile on her face “Mum! It’s a bit scary!”



2 thoughts on “Advent calendar day 4

  1. “Darth Vader, he is the number one player…
    Teach me some of your mind tricks so I can get some hot chicks.”

    Half remembered lyrics from a song I heard on Radio Active one time. No idea who it was by.

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