December 5th

Last night was Debbie and Donna’s excellent Regency Magic LARP Betrothals and Betrayals, in which I played Miss Anne Baxter, a kind of Lizzie Bennett equivalent. It was excellent fun, although like any LARP there are a couple of things I’m kicking myself for not doing (trying harder to speak with Mr Delaney for example).

But there is one thing that I am extremely pleased with myself for doing. I got up in front of everyone and sang a song. I sang a capella in front of rows of people in seats, politely watching. I sang “If it be your will” by Leonard Cohen, using the Webb Sisters version as inspiration. First two verses and the bridge to end it. I was so freaking nervous. So. Nervous.

When I performed my knees were shaking and I’m sure my hands were too. I held my hands together in front of me, so that it wouldn’t show. I worked hard to ennunciate the words correctly and hit the high notes without losing power. And it went really well. After the first verse I settled into it a little and I managed to even enjoy it by the end. A little.

Anyway, I’m chuffed at myself for daring to do it. I must thank Regan for her helpful tips and for whichever movie/book/TV show I got this quote from: “Let’s not be frightened of things that can’t really hurt us.” It’s a good mantra.

There’s everyone in the Regency LARP. Actual play report coming soon and you can see more pictures here.


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