Soilent Green

My sister in law and her husband made a stop motion movie based on Jhonen Vasquez’s short comic “Soilent Green”. It’s a bit like Tim Burton but more punk. This story is the somewhat tragic life of Soilent Green, the limbless cannibal.

Lee is the narrator, the voice of the little girl is Swearing niece and she also scored most of the film using an electronic keyboard connected to a music programme. Go check it out!

Monday’s advent calendar image, I’ve tried to select something as a salve to soothe after the harrowing story…

Ganked from PostSecret.
Endorsed by Kurt Colfer himself 🙂


One thought on “Soilent Green

  1. Go Kurt, be a gay role model!

    But I love Lea Michele. I think I could listen to her sing for hours.

    I need Season 2 Glee. I’ve seen some of it over here in Oz, but I need ALL OF IT!

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