PTA game – ep 2

In our second episode the agents were we had a guest star Fraser, who played another FBI agent called Sebastien SomethingFrenchIcan’tpronounce. He was a spirit shaman who was sent to town to prevent some weird voodoo going down at the Tyger Mars concert. He tracked Cantrell and Smith down at a donut shop and hedged about his mission, unused to talking about things that are out of the ordinary. They quickly agreed that the missing kids should be their priority. They had 5 kids who had witnessed what had happened. Will offered to take the new guy leaving Helen with John, they proved to be a formidable interrogation team.

They started with the older brother of one of the disappeared kids. He had drawn a picture of who had taken his brother…like so:

(Picture by Louiseyface and found online)

Helen had taken this picture from the sheriff’s office and brandished it in the kid’s face, asking questions like ‘did he teach at your school?’ and ‘Is he a friend of the family?’ The kid nearly broke down but Helen explained that there are scary good things (her and John) and scary bad things (Slender Man). They promised to do what they could to track down the monster and get the kids back. Meanwhile Will and Sebastien went to the park where a kid had vanished so that Sebastien could talk to a tree. Will was slightly amused and weirded out. Then they interviewed a girl who thought they were hot and Sebastien ribbed Will for his lack of empathy.

They had all managed to meet up at the same kid’s house. John was banished from the room for freaking out the kid so he went upstairs and started messing with stuff in the kid’s room, trying on make up, watching Footloose on the Tv, etc. Will heard noises and came up to tell him off, sending him outside to wait in the car. Outside John tried the bike he found and crashed into Helen and Will’s car.

The agents all caught up in the car and decided to stake out the house since Slender Man had been coming by every night. They ordered in pizza and had a visit from Tyger Mars. They went into the house after dinner, since only children can see Slender Man and they could ask the kids when he’s nearby.

Helen, Will and Sebastien went under the house so that Seb could talk to the house. It revealed that the house was a safe place, since Gramma had left bones and things under the soil. Will shifted briefly to eat a dead rabbit, but wouldn’t tell Seb why he was pulling his shirt back on. John went on an exploration through the drains and after a very spooky sequence was transported by Slender Man to his weird dimension of grey forest and triangular structures. The kids were distrustful of him, especially when he transformed into his grey alien form.

Things started to get kooky, Sebastien tried a spirit walk and was able to partially move into the other dimension where he spoke to John. Slender Man’s hand shot out of the ground and grabbed hold of him, essentially using him as a link the real world. Sebastien told John to round up the kids and get them back to the real world, making use of the bleed through Slender Man was causing. John, always curious, started to protest but Sebastien yelled “Go save the kids! This is not a discussion!” John saved the kids.

The Slender Man’s forest grew outside of the house’s windows. Helen and Will tracked down a magical powder that Gramma had left behind, Will shifted into wolf form as the house became more and more forest like. The father of the kids was partially possessed by Slender Man and opened a closet door for him to get in through. Helen and Will managed to fight him off there but the bleed through was getting particularly bad. They were in the forest now, so Will took off at a run, looking for the source of the problem. He saw the hand gripping Seb by the shoulder and immediately set in to biting it to make it let go. Seb, in his open psychic state, leaned back and there was a sort of mind-meld situation where Will and Seb saw each other’s memories and felt each other’s feelings.

Will succeeded in breaking the hold of that hand but more sprouted out of the ground and took hold. Helen used the rest of the magic powder and Seb saw his opening. He went with Slender Man back into the other dimension just as the path between both closed down. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep him busy,” he said. Big Damn Hero.

Back in the real world the kids are all back, the agents and John are back and the house looks completely normal. Sebastien is gone. Will goes outside to howl.


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