Things I Love Thursday

❤ As Christmas and the inevitable gift giving approaches I am being mindful of waste. I have been trying hard to remember to bring my own reusable bags to the shops with me. This usually means I have to rudely interrupt the shop assistant as they try to put what I’ve bought into a plastic bag and say “Oh, I don’t need a bag thanks!” Mostly they’re quite happy about not having to bag it themselves, but I’m still definitely the exception rather than the norm. I spent some hours last night making pretty little draw string bags in various sizes. These shall be my reusable gift bags, and I hope that you as a reader will consider doing something similar. My goal for Christmas this year is to buy no wrapping paper. I will use wrapping paper I have saved, gift bags, old bandannas and posters that come free with Empire magazine instead. This makes me feel better about the whole massive Christmas consumption thing. Posts like this give me more food for thought. I shall try and recycle as much as I can with my gift giving this year and reduce waste too. I’m really hoping I can encourage you to do the same.

❤ I'm also being mindful of what I give to people. I want to give gifts that are useful or practical or will mean something to the receiver. As much as I can anyway. I’ve bought some things from independent stores like S’Wonderful or directly off sellers on Felt. That makes me feel a a little better too.

❤ Finally, in my on-going quest to make Christmas and the world a better place I have been charitable this year. I have donated some food to the city mission food drive one work mate is organising and I have volunteered to buy a gift for a family member being housed at women’s refuge. I also offered to give more than one present if it’s needed. It’s the little things, right? If everyone pitches in then there will be a greater benefit to the receivers.

Christmas tree is up and decorated while I watched the Muppet Christmas Carol last night. It looks good, and I feel very Christmassy when I see it.

❤ We got our presents from work yesterday, we got a hemp bag with a custom print on it containing a 6 pack of Tuatara beers (mix pack), bottle of wine, chocolate and a custom designed Mr Vintage hoodie. Excellent gifts and ties in nicely to the goals above, no extra wrapping, things that can be consumed or used.

Honourable Mentions: Pretty pictures of sulfur fires, lunch with friends, sock monkeys, coconut ice and new hoodie from the Thorndon Fair, the awesome fun I had at the Regency LARP and the way everyone looked super pretty at it, rewatching Cowboy Bebop and the Gilmore Girls, planning fun things for the future and my dear Lee.

Also, this Christmas video by Bangs. Great song.

Also this adorbs French animation about a girl and her boyfriend, Buck.

Meet Buck from TeamCerf on Vimeo.

Advent calendar image…

I found this graffiti stencilled on the ground on my morning run. Amazing.


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