advent calendar day 12

Good day, took Sam out to Sweet Mother’s Kitchen and had excellent waffles. Did the grocery shopping, had a nap, made some more Christmas dec owls, made some yummy looking lemon cookie dough and had a special BBQ birthday dinner for 3 year old niece.

Now we’re off to see Harry Potter again with a cheap voucher…but first!

A stall at the Thorndon Fair. It was an excellent fair and I had a lot of fun at it.

The only thing is…that crocheted bunting. I mean, I know it’s just meant to be bunting, but when I first saw it I thought they were selling crocheted merkins.

Maybe it’s just me. And Lee. Lee laughed as well. So maybe it’s just us.


3 thoughts on “advent calendar day 12

  1. Ta for the awesome evening and delicious waffles. Had a blast, glad I got the hang of the drums on rock band. It was beginning to bug me that I was so scared of them 🙂

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