Advent calendar Dec 13

Monday Monday na na naa na na na!

I went for a run today and I wrote some more of a short story that I haven’t quite *got* yet, edited another short story so I can try submitting it to Forever Nocturne.

I had lunch with Bryn and that was excellent. I did lots at work today and came home exhausted. Luckily I have TV to watch, new Supernatural and Family Guy and maybe some Friday Night Lights later on.

But here’s your advent calendar image:

Matt Smith is *my* doctor. Who’s yours?


2 thoughts on “Advent calendar Dec 13

  1. Jon Pertwee with his little yellow car! And weirdly Peter Davidson… he was just so nice (and I think I had a bit of a crush). Recently… David Tennant, but you know that 🙂 And I def rate Matt Smith!

  2. My Doctor is probably Tom Baker. At least him with Sarah Jane and K-9 are the ones I remember the most.

    I don’t think he’s my favourite Doctor though, he’s just the one I think of the most if you say “The Doctor”. My favourite would probably be David Tennant.

    Or John Pertwee. But I cna’t look at him wihtout thinking of Worzel Gummage (sp?).

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