Today was odd, but that’s okay. I had lunch with Sophie and tomorrow. Well, tomorrow. Tomorrow we get to play Fall again! Woo hoo!

My plan for tonight is to do some baking, watch some Muppet Christmas Carol and finish a couple of hand made Christmas presents.

I am writing a story which is rapidly becoming one of my longer short stories and it’s about a man who is a writer who goes to a hotel where there are Odd Things Happening. I fear I am becoming Stephen King, which you know. To a point I’m okay with, I mean, I want the best selling novels and the international acclaim. Less keen on the being hit by a van thing and the whole battle with drugs and alcoholism.

On that note, here’s today’s advent calendar picture:

My Christmas tree! It’s all shiny and bright and has stuff on it like pirate cat and angels and a cupcake and a plane and a polar bear. Sparkly unicorn pegasus has caught the flash in a fascinating way and you can see my new Russian doll decs I got at Iko Iko.

And yes, that is Fizzgig on top.

Fizzgig has a shiny Christmas tiara!

In the background you can see Softimus Prime has been stuffed in a stocking. Sock Skellington is in the other one. He’s more okay with it than Softimus.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. ah, your Xmas tree looks much lovelier than ours (which looks like someone sneezed decorations on it; and that was *before* The Bear got at it)!

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