advent Dec 15

Wednesday started out miserable, blustery and cold and misty rainy. Then it all cleared up and all through lunch time and the afternoon there has been glorious sunshine.

I approve.

I also approve of getting to play Fall tonight. Can’t wait.

but you’re here for your advent calendar image aren’t you? Let’s see it then…

Here you can see some of my Christmas crafts. Two owlies flank a couple of wee Christmas stockings, behind them rest a selection of Christmas gift bags.

What’s that? You want a clearer, less flash washed out photo of the orange owly? Of course.

To the right you can see the bag I made from one of Lee’s old shirt sleeves.

There haven’t been very many comments on the advent calendar images this year. Is anyone clicking on them?


12 thoughts on “advent Dec 15

  1. I commented on Darth Vader doing the “I’m a little teapot” image.

    I didn’t realise comments were a requirement! I will try harder!

    Today’s comments:
    “Crafts make my eyes burn!”

    They don’t really, I just thought it was a weird thing to say.

  2. Hey Jon, comments are only a requirement on this one. It gets to the middle of the advent calendar and I become worried that no one is looking. Now I am satisfied that’s not the case, so you can comment if you want to but please don’t feel you have to ;p

  3. Jas and I look at all of them, i’m just lazy with the commenting. heh, i am finding more and more that in non-FB settings (including IRL – such as at work) i’m confounded by the lack of a ‘like’ button.

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