crafturday advent calendar

Svend and Celeste and I went to Craft 2.0 and the Frank Kitts Market before it was too much craft, walking and heat and we had to stop moving. I got myself a cookie necklace, bunny earrings, a new Mary Poppins-ish bag (which I really really like) and a purple badge that says “Mend and Make Do” from the same original poster series as “Keep Calm and Carry On.” I also helped Celeste choose things for Christmas presents, so I feel virtuous and helpful.

Dixon St Deli forgot Lee and my breakfasts this morning, which was an inauspicious start to the day. However everything that has happened since has been pretty darn good, so that’s all right.

What a lovely, sunny day it ended up being. Advent calendar picture…

Here you can see my writing muse doll (made by Amphigori), a small sock monkey, a fairy, my new Ratty from The Grin Factory, my pink ice cream Dunny which is basically the best secret Santa gift I ever got and the ‘joy’ angel my mum gave me.

Do you think they’re an awkward family photo set up, or is it just cute?


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