Sunday rainy Sunday

I think all the presents I have to organise for Christmas are now wrapped and under the tree. Bar one, but that will take me all of five minutes to organise. I am feeling very well prepared for Christmas now and have already spread a bit of the joy by handing out a couple of gifts.

Lee and I have been watching and really enjoying the first season of Friday Night Lights. It’s awesome. I’m sad that the later seasons don’t seem to have been released in New Zealand though…

About 7 weeks ago Karen gave me a baby tomato plant. I stuck it in the second bedroom where the plants all are so it can get the sun and the heat and it’s grown very well. I’m very excited about it because it’s growing tomatoes now.

So cute!

Must make a note to investigate other plants which I can grow in the second bedroom that could potentially feed us.


5 thoughts on “Sunday rainy Sunday

  1. What format do you have Friday Night Lights on? I’ve caught the occassional episode over here, and I think it’s something I would like to watch from the beginning.

    This is an advent calendar entry, right? Because, you know, I have to comment on them all.

  2. of course it is! I put pictures up after all 🙂

    I have season one FNL on DVD. You’re welcome to borrow it when we’re done.

  3. Rainy days? I’ve forgotten what they are, it’s so dry out here.

    You could try putting a passionfruit vine out on the balcony, tho thinking about it, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen them grow in Welly. They’re all over the place in Auckland.

  4. Awesome re: Friday Night Lights. I’ll take you up on that offer in the new year (presuming you will hav efinished by then).

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