Fall actual play 212 – ‘Dream big and dare to fail.’

Okay guys, I’ve had to abandon the screeds of notes turning into a super long and detailed actual play report. It was taking my concentration away from the game and it was taking way too long to do the actual write ups. From now on, my Fall actual play reports will be more like this one…

The episode started with Alex going to Megan’s house. Megan’s mother answers the door, she seems incredible listless and sad. She tells Alex that Megan isn’t back from school yet, Alex thanks her and leaves. Knowing that Megan wasn’t at school Alex becomes suspicious and calls Calvin, saying they have to track Megan down. Calvin agrees but say he can’t do it yet, he’s determined to hunt the big demon that’s been stalking the town, since that seems more like a clear and present danger – he points out that there was something odd about the way Brett insisted that it was the spell to give Alex her slayer powers back that caused it, when Honest Sam was clear that it was only a couple of days earlier.
Calvin: And when we talked about a big spell, Darius hesitated.
Alex: But Darius never hestitates!
Calvin: You see? It’s weird and suspicious!
Alex asks where he is and goes to meet him.

Calvin finds a body in an alleyway, a man in a suit like he was walking to work that morning. He’s all bloody, his head caved in as if smashed by a giant fist. He calls an ambulance to come pick up the body and keeps heading towards Darius’s. Alex catches up and they hunt together.

Darius arrives home from school to a distraught, tear stained Brett. He apologises profusely and reveals that some of Darius’s books are missing. There is a note that says ‘I’m sorry, please look after my Mom. M’.

Ash and Yuki are on the road, desperate to get to Fall River and see Darius. They arrive at the hotel where Megan is staying. Yuki waits in the car. Ash goes in and Megan throws herself into his arms. He kisses her passionately and they move onto the bed. Megan cries and gushes, telling him everything that has gone wrong.
Ash: it’s not that bad.
Megan: What isn’t?
Ash: Whatever…the stuff. So, he’s dead. Who cares?…I mean, I’m sorry for your loss, can we have sex again?
Megan asks to just cuddle, which Ash isn’t too keen on, especially when he sees the Vampyre books Megan liberated from Darius. He calls Yuki in and they read the books, picking and choosing which bits are ‘true’ and which are clearly made up.

Darius does some more research on the paragon spell to find out what the demon thing is all about.

Calvin and Alex have made it to Darius’s house, still tracking the monster. The army has been deployed, there are two squadrons of soldiers (The Initiative) assembling gear and getting tracking devices warmed up. They don’t notice Calvin and Alex walk past with their weaponry. There is a skirmish in a copse of trees and a bunch of the army guys are smashed by the beastie. It seems to have gone into the forest, so Calvin and Alex follow it in. Alex mentions on their way into the forest that she is sorry for sounding flippant the day before when he asked her about the Spring Fling and if the offer is still open she’d love to go with him. Calvin looks happier.

Alex finds a hole in the ground; the monster has uprooted a tree, which he uses to hit Calvin. Calvin is thrown across the clearing and loses his axe in the process. Alex dodges the next swing of the tree and manages to hit it in the hand with her machete, causing it to drop the tree. She is then backhanded by the demon. Calvin recovers behind a still standing tree for a moment, but is prompted into action again when the monster grabs Alex and holds her up against another tree, choking her. Calvin grabs a branch from the uprooted tree and runs at the demon, hitting it in the back of the head. It drops Alex, who cuts it in the back of the leg (the idea being that the tattoo which links it to the ‘source’ of the spell could be a weak point.) The monster grabs her machete hand and slams it against a tree (so much slamming and trees…), Calvin picks up his axe again.

Darius arrives in the clearing and uses his telekinesis to slam the uprooted tree into the demon. Alex hears bones breaking that aren’t hers, but the demon’s. The demon takes one look at Darius and runs away, but Calvin is determined and he and Alex chase it. Darius is there too and cries NOOOOoooooooo as Calvin embeds his axe into the demon.

The world changes. The paragon spell has been broken. Alex tells Calvin he is amazing, then turns to Darius.
Alex: If I didn’t hurt so much right now, I don’t know what I’d do to you.
Alex walks away. Calvin watches her go and then looks at Darius, who is very upset, kneeling on the ground. Calvin offers him a hand up which Darius eventually accepts.
Darius: But what about the Spring Fling?
Calvin: Dude. What about Megan?*
Calvin tells Darius that he will drive him home.

Alex texts Megan: seriously, where the fuck are you?
Megan replies: I’m back in town, don’t worry. I’m fine.

Ash, Yuki and Megan are back in town. Megan has a long conversation with Ash where she says she doesn’t want them to come into her house and see her mum, instead they should drop her off and let her deal with it. They are both weirded out by this.

Ash calls Darius, reasoning that Darius *was* awesome, and he was the reason they came to town in the first place. Darius is still in Calvin’s car when he takes this call and ignores Calvin’s frantic ‘cancel’ hand gestures. He agrees to meet Ash at the corner of the carpark at Bohemian Like Me.
Calvin: You’re not going to do something stupid are you?
Darius: No, why would I do something stupid?
Calvin just stares at him.
Darius: Don’t look at me like that. Watch the road.

Calvin drops Darius off at home, but waits outside his house. He then follows him as he drives up to his (former) mansion and collects Nebby. He then goes into town. Alex calls Calvin and he collects her on the way past. Darius meets Ash and Yuki and gets in the truck with them, after they have asked him to take off his jacket and show that he has no stakes on him. Megan arrives in a taxi and gets in the truck as well.

There was an excellent sequence in the truck where Darius is actually too nihilistic for Ash, and calls him out on whether or not Ash and Yuki kill people.
Darius: I’m like you, now. I kill people.
Ash: We don’t kill people.
D: Oh shut up!
Ash: We don’t.
Yuki: Bears.
Ash: yeah, we eat bears.
D: Oh whatever, you don’t even know how to tell a good lie.
Megan: I kill people too. My computer programme…
Darius: oh yeah, you suck too.

Ash: I don’t know why you’re being like this. We’re on the same side, we want to hunt down the vampire that turned us. I said to Calvin, I made him an offer. I said we’d come and fight with you if you could help us with this.
Darius: But wait, that’s not the only offer you made to Calvin is it?
Megan: what’s going on? What do you mean?
Ash: Calvin was having a moment.
D: And you offered to make him into a vampire.
M: You can’t do that!

Ash says that they’re leaving town regardless, they don’t want to stick around Alex who thinks they should die.
Darius: I think you kind of need to die too.

Yuki pulls over and they kick Darius out of the truck. He takes Megan’s hand, trying to pull her out too. Ash has his arm around her waist and won’t let go. He tells her that he has found some information about her father and that she will need to go with him if she wants to find anything out. Megan looks at Darius and remembers what she can of the paragon spell.
Megan: You changed the world. You changed everything. I can’t trust you, you made me love you.
She says sorry to Darius, Yuki pulls out and Darius is left standing by the side of the road. For about a minute, then Calvin pulls up next to him. Alex convinces Darius to get into Kermit and he lies down in the back seat, incredibly emo. Unfortunately in the time it has taken for him to decide to get in, Yuki and Ash have disappeared into the night with Megan.

*roll credits*

*Yeah, I’m not that sure when Calvin became the sensible, level headed one either.

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