So much rain today

So up until about 2pm there was heaps of rain in Wellington and then it stopped.

Can you tell that what with updating every day I’m running out of things to say? No? Good.

So I wore my “I kissed a vampire and I liked it” T shirt today. Yesterday I got some new DVDs out at the video store and we watched Adventureland. I still like it.

21 December, advent calendar:

This is one of Kate Beaton’s family Christmas comic strips from last year. You can see them all here. Some of them remind me of my parents a little, some of them make me think of Regan.


2 thoughts on “So much rain today

  1. c’est moi? 🙂
    I like Hark, A vagrant 🙂 I like where the dad mixes up Tiny Tim and Oliver. ‘It’s the wrong book!’ ‘Merry xmas!’

    At my office the rain sounded like large handfuls of rice being thrown at the windows.

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