Sister back in the country Wednesday advent calendar

I left the house early today to go to the airport and along with my parents, collect my sister and her family. I may have cried a little happiness tear or two when we saw her.

They hadn’t slept much, and the kids hadn’t slept on the plane much, but we went grocery shopping and to the mall, picked them up a cell phone and had lunch at KFC. I drove back around 2 (leaving them all to have a nap), stopping on the way for craft supplies and a new pair of polka dot ballet flats (so cute!) Also swung by Moore Wilson’s to collect a gift on sister’s behalf. Then I had a nap and I haven’t moved off the couch since…

But whatevs, you’re here for your pretty picture!

OK, last picture from the Christmas parade, I promise. But this stilt walking mantis was too creepy not to include.


3 thoughts on “Sister back in the country Wednesday advent calendar

  1. YAAAY! So cool that they are back, and in perfect time for Christmas! Your parents must be super excited too πŸ™‚

    That mantis is so freaky.

  2. The creepiest part is the butt bauble! (very festive!)
    Cool that you can have Christmas with your sister, sounds like a great arrival back in town.

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