Almost Christmas Things I Love Thursday

Christmas is a loving honest and charitable time. And though it’s never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket I believe Christmas has done me good and will do me good and I say God bless it!
~ Scrooge’s nephew Fred. (Muppet Christmas Carol.)

Christmas Christmas Christmas! Carols, cookies, trees, sparkles, people giving presents, TV specials, my niece and nephew staring at the decorations of the tree, people who give me fudge, love and togetherness.

Being off work! If I want to take some time to bask in the sun, I can. If I want to stay in my PJs until 1pm, no worries. Mmmmm. No more work til January 5th. Bliss.

New baby! The lovely Cal and Morgue have had their baby and she is adorable.

My brain is on holiday completely. I spent the day baking (got it all done, yes!) and I can’t think of anything else to add…except for this video:

And I guess you guys would like an advent calendar image, so here you go…

It’s a unicorn. Lovely.


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