2010 the year that was

I usually do a list of my ‘accomplishments’ right before my birthday, a way to celebrate my extra experience and the ways I am changing my life. But I didn’t have time this year, I was way too busy rewriting Rain for that competition. So now seems like a good time, now that lots of blogs are doing year-in-review type stuff and I am preparing to read How to be Rich and Happy again and actually *finish it* this time.

So let’s see, what have I achieved in the last year?

– I edited and rewrote my novel Rain dramatically in a short period of time, and learned heaps about the editing and writing process while I did it. (Remove ‘that’ as much as you can is the lesson which has really stuck with me.)

– I changed my job.

– I sang a song, a capella in front of more than one person. It was nerve wracking and weird and my confidence was pretty low but I did it anyway and it was almost awesome.

– I had a twitter length short story published online which I was paid money for.

– Travelled to Auckland twice and to Fiji once.

– Saw Leonard Cohen perform live for the second time.

– Hosted a successful Thanksgiving dinner for which I cooked a fantastic roast turkey. Mmmmm turkey. I want turkey again.

– Costumes: Lime Chiffon, Catwoman, Hell Girl, 1900 birthday girl, Regency middle daughter, Queen Guinevere, rebellious 13 year old, heiress attending a seance…that’s all the ones I can remember.

– Attended my first New Zealand science fiction convention, where I met some truly lovely writers and got heaps and heaps of inspiration for my own writing.

I can’t remember anything else significant right this moment, but I reserve the right to add more to this list!


3 thoughts on “2010 the year that was

  1. – started writing a new novel on the very last day of 2010

    – experienced The Room and spread the meme to more people. Also Birdemic: Shock and Terror.

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