Things I Love Thursday

Dudes, this is the last Things I Love Thursday of 2010. ZOMG!

Sunshine sunshine summer summer sunshine. We had a stunningly gorgeous Christmas Day for once. Then the weather packed in good and proper, lots of rain and gale force winds that broke windows and tried to tear my building apart. Then yesterday it decided we should have summer after all and we’ve had two days of lovely weather. Lee and I met up with Jase, Liz and Frejya at Waitangi Park yesterday afternoon for a picnic and it was lovely. Really pleasantly warm and chillaxed. I hope it stays good over the weekend so I can try and get to a beach.

Boxing Day Sales. JB Hi-Fi have this amazing 30% off all DVDs, Blu Rays and CDs so I have stocked up on many movies I wanted plus the third season of 30 Rock. So cheap! I also got some $5 bracelets, a couple of v cheap tops at Jay Jays and new running shoes for just $80 at Rebel. Oh and a cheap new camera at Dick Smith’s. Nice one. I may now make myself a resolution that I won’t buy stuff for a good long while.

Christmas food. Christmas may be past but the baking and gifted chocolates linger on. Nom.

. Time off work means time to spend writing or editing. Today I finished an epic short story (it might actually be a novellette or a novella) which I’ve been writing since Dec 11th based on some old story prompts Matt gave me. (Although I guess I only used ‘immediately after a fire’ and a bit of ‘growing sense of dread’.) I have also done a heap of work on my old Roleplaying Game “I Know, Right?” which is now called “High School Princess” with an eye to trying to sell it when I get Silver Kiss sorted for selling.

Tanya’s work on Silver Kiss. My lovely friend Tanya has done an amazing job on the design of Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon and I get a big grin whenever I look at it. The colours and the fonts and the way it all fits together…sigh. I could never have got anything that stunning on my own, so I’m very excited about it indeed. I am currently getting advice on how and where to sell it online and how much to charge…it’s thrilling.

Tangled. Sophie asked me to see this with her on Boxing Day and I guess it was a preview weekend, because it isn’t meant to open until January 6th but it was freaking awesome. Rapunzel was kick ass and funny and cute and above all: neurotic and kooky. Also Flynn Rider was amazing and I might have a little crush on him. And the horse! Hilarious! Okay so I have to go and see this again I think.

Rock Band 3. Lee got me this for Christmas and the keyboard/keytar to go with it. It’s pretty awesome, although the game play is sufficiently different from previous Rock Bands that I’m not too sure what we’re doing a lot of the time, it’s good fun. Good new songs include Yoshimi battles the pink robots, Back to Black (Amy Winehouse), Good Vibrations (challenging harmonies to work out) Bohemian Rhapsody (OMG!) and Space Oddity.

Honourable Mentions: mooching around the house in PJs, basking in the sun, My Little Pony cookies, the hazelnut swirls from Roses chocolates, cherries, old friends, new friends, sashimi, eating at Namastey India and being the only people there (yum food there too), my nieces and nephew, my non-related nieces (Freyja’s ‘where is it?’ expression and gestures are soooooo cute!) Leonard Cohen’s music and philosophy, Ender in Exile, Join Me and lots of other new books to read.

Last one of the year, folks. What are you thankful for today?


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