Kapcon Day 2

Somewhat wiped from the LARP the night before I was in a fragile state on Sunday morning. I had some tiredness hangover, I had some emo and I had a desire to lie still on the floor and not move. I almost turned over and went back to sleep but one thing got me up: Dale’s Mutants and Masterminds game: Thursday Crisis. I’ve played Professor Eternity in all the previous installments and I was super excited for the new ‘episode’. I had also made sure to peer pressure Nick and Norm into reprising their roles so that we could have the dream team.

Dale was a little concerned when he came in to find me sacked out on the floor on the LARP cushions so he made us all jump up and down before we started gaming. I would soon realise that this was all so that I’d be in a better place for the wringer he was intending to put me through.

Thursday Crisis started with those of us in the League of Heroes appearing on a breakfast TV show. I gave Captain Hope strict instructions to not make it all about his movie, a somewhat fictionalised biopic called Hope. He clamped an arm around me before the cameras starting rolling and kept it there for the duration. The interview started badly with the host asking all sorts of difficult questions about the disappearing planes, who was playing who in the movie and what about those videos of Hope with a French supermodel? What were we doing about the 16th century windmill that showed up in the middle of London? There was a brief break in which Cpt Hope tore strips off the host and then our son Daniel and his girlfriend Layla joined us on the show. Difficult questions continued Cpt Hope was asked why he had stopped sponsoring the kids in the cancer ward, I stopped paying attention and started work on a hand held scanning device but the questions went too far and I finally I stormed off the stage saying “This interview is over.”

There was some fighting and some awkward introductions (it was the first time I’d met Layla and there was a rumour she was pregnant?) Then we all made for the Hope Jet. Layla and Daniel stopped to make out on the red carpet, which Hope didn’t feel comfortable with.
Cpt Hope: If you’re going to have sex in public….DON’T!
Daniel Hope: I don’t think it’s us getting caught with the pictures, Dad.

We went to find out the source of the most pressing concern of the moment: a time anomaly that was causing weird things to happen. I made a super GPS scanner, origin locator thingie and we headed to Paris.
Salvo to Daniel: Watch as your father inevitably strides into the dangerous thing.
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Things I Love Thursday

Sometimes I remember things and I think to myself: that can’t really have happened, I must’ve dreamed I once saw Spiderman battle a Yeti that liked sitting on ice cream cones. But then io9 proves me wrong. Spiderman sketches from The Electric Company really were that odd.

❤ Kapcon was awesome, I really had an awesome time. One more Kapcon update and then I'll stop flooding my blog with it.

❤ Quilting is nice. I put together the second T shirt quilt with an old sheet and some backing and I have started with the hand stitching which I enjoy doing.

❤ Meeting up with old friends and making new friends over Kapcon weekend.

Honourable Mentions: Ice cap, clean jeans (even though they’re squeezy), new books arriving in the mail, playing Katamari Forever, fried chicken at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen, filming people talking about their favourite things, Friday Night Lights, Dr Who (Yes!) and wearing singlets.

Kapcon 2011 LARP Al-Shir Ma

I started the game in a tour group, we were separate from most of the other LARP. Sunshine Sahara Tours was guided by Paige, a very cheerful and upbeat American. I was there with my long term girlfriend, Bianca. We’d met up with her sister Rachel and Rachel’s new boyfriend Gerard on the tour. We were shown a number of elegant remains on our way to the historic Al Shir-Ma site and then we were plunged into the marketplace.

The market was intense, not much room to get through and way too many people yelling at us to buy stuff, cheap tourist tack. Bianca and I both bought fans though, which turned out to be very wise investments given the heat. At the end of the alleyway there was a dead end but it opened up to a strange, veiled old woman who said odd things. She insinuated that I had a husband, which I most certainly did not. Anyway, she seemed to be the only option for getting out of the market but she wouldn’t let us go through together. After a few others from the tour group had gone through and not returned Bianca and I decided to try it. Bianca went first on the understanding that I’d be right behind her.

Matthew, the PE teacher who I thought had a nice sense of humour was the next through after Bianca, but I went through after him. On the other side was a strange sight, Al Shir-Ma as it had been thousands of years ago with the famed fountain in the middle. Bianca and I had a jolly time exploring and talking to the locals who all pretended to be from the past. We realised it was a kind of SCA style historical re-enactment kind of show and ‘played along’. We took pictures in front of the fountain and were told we weren’t allowed into the Sultana’s court. I was called a slovenly woman at some point in there, which felt a bit harsh given that I had deliberately worn clothes that covered my shoulders and I had a head scarf.

Then something strange happened, Bianca said she remembered something…like a past life. Then I felt like I remembered…we were really from here. The seven years we’d spent in the future were the unusual years. Seven years coincidentally matched up with the Djinn disappearing and the fountain running dry. Bianca said that she might be a Djinn and I had nothing to say about that. Except that we both remembered that I did, in fact, have a husband. If he was around, things were about to get very interesting indeed. Continue reading

Kapcon 2011 day one

I started the convention with Anna’s mini-LARP Dead Man’s Chest. It was a pre-generated ‘murder mystery’ evening style game but much more LARPish and the level of costuming was pretty darn high. I was cast as Elizabeth Swann Stanforth, the Governor’s daughter. I went for an anachronistic-but-got-the-idea across costume of a knee length shiny tiered skirt, pink tights, black boots, the top of my Victorian dress and a delicate silver charm necklace. Spoilers for the game follow so don’t read on if you think you might play it some time…

My character had just one secret: she hadn’t been kidnapped by pirates by accident, she had made a deal with Captain “Saucy” Nancy to be kidnapped so she could escape the engagement to the Spanish Don that her father arranged. My character goals were get out of the marriage, figure out if you want to be a pirate and try and get engaged to the naval captain instead.

I had a good time in this game, arguing with Scott who was playing my dad, my sister who had run away as a cabin boy on the other pirate ship, making friends with Captain Jack Sparrow Black, who unfortunately got thrown into a volcano at the end of the game, and arranging things so that I could have my cake and eat it. I got engaged to Captain Overy of the English navy and made an arrangement to meet up with Captain Nancy and go privateering with her when he was out of town. Nice one.

I was actually a little surprised at how much everyone seemed to want to help me, but this was probably helped by the fact that I forgot to play Elizabeth as a complete brat. I could have really ramped that up… There was some trouble with my sister running off with the Spanish to be a pirate and possibly getting blown to pieces but well, I wasn’t going to stop her living her own life.

That’s me, Daddy (without wig) and Captain Hal, my fiance.

We finished a little early and were roped in to being armed cops busting up a drug den very briefly. I’m not actually sure what that was about.

Second round I was running in the Games On Demand room and I got a group together to play Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon. Continue reading

Kapcon round 6

Behold the majesty of Captain Katamari!

I know he’s a lot to take in. Just bask in his majesty for a moment.

Okay, if you’re done basking. Captain Katamari was created by six of the Prince’s cousins to battle the evil Mega King and destroy the Dread Star he was creating. We each took a body part and rolled up dedicated items that would give each part certain traits.

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Things I Love Thursday

Best song from the Fraggles ever: Let me be your song. Also the talking after “there are no rules, and those are the rules.”

I am entirely in love with The Secret Knots, a strange, beautiful and often sad collection of comics that I found via io9.com. Here’s one of my favourites. Reminiscent of such things as Softer World

Thog’s masterclass will randomly generate examples of hilariously poor choices of words and contradictions found in science fiction writing. Check it out for such gems as “Gundahari and Gundrun shouted their thoughts with their faces.” and “I slammed my chain against the pig, drawing the hooked end across its throat to kill it. I respected all life.” Lolz forever.

Also, if you haven’t already you should really check out The Winding City. I’ve had a lot of people say nice things about it…The more hits we get, the more likely we can get noticed by mainstream media, etc so please consider linking to it on your own blog or tweeting it, etc.

I’m looking forward to Kapcon this weekend, I am signed up for some sweet games and the big LARP should be fun. I am participating in the Games on Demand room which may mean that I run some games and may not, depending on what players we get and what they feel like playing.

Honourable Mentions: Sunshine, clean house, Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock, Sherbet cones from Wendy’s, tacos for dinner, old friends coming back to town, the mechanical dinosaur machine they use to tear up the road, The Very Potter Sequel, (Especially Lucius Malfoy!), Mark reading The Hunger Games, thinking about going away to the beach, seeing Tangled with my sister and niece and getting compliments.

Telestrations is awesome

A certain person who shall not be named gave me an excellent game for my birthday/Christmas. It’s Broken Picture Telephone, but in party game format with little whiteboard flip books and recommended words to start you off. In honour of certain person’s return to Wellington’s capital city, here is a round of the game we played on Saturday night. Also because it is hilarious.

Hermit Crab was the starter.

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Don’t look away. Don’t even blink.

I was wandering about on Deviantart (my new obsession) when I stumbled upon this plushie of a weeping angel. Okay, so I’m terrified of the Weeping Angels, but this was freaking adorable and you know me, I love me some geeky craft.

The idea took hold of me and I made one over the last couple of days. Made from an old cheap T shirt, stuffing, two buttons and some left over quilt batting. I might add more hair.

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I’m in a TV show

well, a web series. A web series that is slowly being uploaded online in the hopes that people will like it and we can get some money together to do a feature length movie.

The Winding City is a story about some friends in Wellington who stumble onto something supernatural.

You can tell it was a while ago that we shot this because my hair is so super short. (And Nick’s is so long.) I come in around the 2 minutes, 35 seconds mark, in case you were wondering.

Conan McKegg is the driving force, being the creator, the writer and director/producer. All credit to him for the words and stuff. I’m happy to take credit for my acting and my costumes, I was in total control of what I wore ;p

Please share this around if you liked it, put it on your blog or share the link back here, tell your friends, show it at parties and send it around work. We want to get a fan base!

More info including my blog posts about the shooting can be found by using The Winding City tag below. The next episodes will be online in the next few weeks (I think) and you can follow The Winding City on Twitter for more info.

Things I Love Thursday – videos edition

This song by Michael Franti – Say hey I love you. It’s such a lovely, catchy song and the video is guaranteed to make you smile.

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah! (I love 30 Rock a lot.)

Zombie dance!

I want to see this modern re-imagining of Beauty and the Beast featuring Mary-Kate Olsen as the witch.

And finally this adorable cover of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes “home” featuring an adorable little girl who sings so well and will melt your heart.

Honourable mentions: Naps, Batgirl, new roleplaying joy, psychic connections, looking forward to Kapcon, trivia quizzes, good books and cherry yoghurt.