Sharktopus attacks!

Giffy usually gives Lee a fiftie’s pin up girl style calendar. However pickings on these have been slim and for my birthday Norm gave me a Pride and Prejudice and Zombies calendar and I had told Giffy that it was getting pride of place in the toilet. Well, on the wall next to the toilet to be precise.

Giffy asked Lee what he would like for his birthday instead and he answered that he wanted a Sharktopus. Giffy is a marvel and came through for him. Yesterday a Sharktopus moved in with us.

The Mighty Sharktopus

It didn’t take long for him to start munching on the other toys we have around the house.

Then he ate the WHOLE WORLD!

He’s settling in fine. Thanks Giffy!

Here’s his theme song:

The whole world is made from a fabric I bought from Spoonflower. I’d link there but the site seems to be down.


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