Awesome YA book

So, I picked this book up from the New Books shelf in the Young Adult section of the library because it had a sexy cover.

Crash into me by Albert Borris.

I was all, ‘who is this pretty boy with the lips and the androgynous girl holding onto his arm like she owns him?’ and then I read the blurb and saw this was a book about suicide. Some days I would have put it back on the shelf because of that but something about the premise: four teens make a pilgrimage to various famous suicide’s graves before all killing themselves…I dunno. It sounded like it could be fun.

I started reading it at the library, taking breaks from writing my new novel when my wrist got sore. (I write at a fast pace.) The narrator, Owen, was endearing. Something about his shy demeanor and the way he described the other Suicide Dogs just felt very real.

I ended up reading the whole book in about a day. I mean, it’s short and all, but it was also very involving and I was desperate to know what happened. Issues explored include: being a gay teenager, getting drunk/alcoholism, rebelling from your parents, family, first love, sex and expectations for the future.

I don’t want to say too much about the actual plot because spoilers, but it was jarring when one of the characters pointed out to the Cobain-obsessed one that she wasn’t even alive when he died…well, I felt a little old. But whatever. The author is a counselor, so he knows what he’s talking about and it shows. Excellent book for a first time novel I have to say.

Awesome book, I give it two thumbs up and I might read it again before I return it to the library.

1 thought on “Awesome YA book

  1. Talking about YA books, Sokky returned a book to me that is actually yours. Airhead by Meg Cabot. I read it and want to read the next one. It is seriously fluffy!

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