Monsterhearts – play test actual play report

I’m Vincent. I live in Te Anau where my parents work at that hotel on the end of the street and I work at the Gecko Cafe making coffee. I have this girlfriend called Alba who is awesome. My friend Simon died like, last week in some weird car crash or something. No one really knows if he killed himself or if it was an accident.
It sucks anyway.

So, this one night, I went over to Alba’s after work. I guess it was like 10.30 when I knocked on her door. She was all ‘did you get a break tonight?’ and I was like, ‘no’ and she asked if I’d eaten and I said I’d had this one muffin that fell on the floor. She’d saved some dinner for me, because she is just that awesome. We went into her house. Her house is pretty small, it’s just her and her dad who’s always out working at the saw mill. Something weird happened. She kind of looked off into the distance for a bit and then she asked me why Simon had been wearing the ring she gave me when he died. I told her I’d loaned it to him because he had wanted to impress a girl, he borrowed my The Cure T shirt as well.

Then I realised…I’d never told her that I’d loaned it…I asked her how she knew and she said ‘the wind told me’ and I was like, what? and then I realised she was joking. But she was like, ‘yeah. The wind told me.’ and then she asked again about Simon and I got really annoyed with her and I went home because I didn’t want to talk about it. I guess it was a bit of an asshole thing to do but whatever. I was angry.

The next day at school I saw Alba talking to Seed in the hallway. Seed’s this girl with weird coloured hair, she comes into the Gecko a bunch so I’ve seen her around. I mean, you see everyone all the time in Te Anau, and she’s pretty new in town and with her hair you notice her. Anyway they were talking and they looked pretty serious so I didn’t interrupt, I just went to class.

I was sitting there waiting for English to start and watching people come in (I sit in the back so it’s a good spot to watch people from) and my phone went off. I picked it up and I had a message from Simon. I know. Simon. Dude’s dead and he’s texting me? It said ‘where am I?’ I was pretty much like what the fuck? And I guess I stared at it for a while because I didn’t notice Alba had come in until she asked me what was up. She sat down next to me and I showed her the text. She looked freaked as well, but kind of like she was trying to work something out.

Then she did this thing where she raised her hand and her eyes went faraway. I knew something weird was happening, so I put my hand on her arm and there was a sound like wind and then I saw Simon standing in the rain down on the beach by the lake. He was standing, staring at the lake and the rain was drenching him. There was a disturbance in the lake, like something was in there swimming around. Super weird. Then we were back in the classroom. I asked Alba what had just happened. She said ‘you know last night when I told you the wind told me things? That was the wind.’
I thought about it for a moment and then I said to Alba ‘should we go?’ and she nodded so we walked out of school.

It was raining pretty heavily outside and by the time we got to the lake we were pretty soaked. There was Simon standing there, just like we’d seen in the vision. I kind of wanted to run towards him, to see if it was really him but Alba grabbed my hand so I stayed with her. I yelled his name and Simon turned, his eyes were different but it was him. He smiled when he saw me and I took a step forward, Alba stayed behind me. I asked when Simon had come back and he made this horrible death rattle noise, he tapped his throat like he couldn’t talk. Then he came right up to me and said he didn’t want to talk in front of Alba. Well, I didn’t know what that was about so I told him she can hear whatever he had to say.

He said that he’d come back for me, that because he’d taken my ring and my shirt he was able to come back. He said that ‘they’ were after him but he said not to trust Alba because she was a witch? I was like. What? He said that Alba had been casting spells, that she had a token of mine that she could use to control me. The ring I’d given her ages ago that she wore around her neck on a chain. Simon said that she’d made me love her. I asked Alba if it was true and she got upset, she said that she had done magic before and that she could use the ring but she never would. I got angry, because why had she kept all this from me if there was nothing bad going on? But she said she had done something bad before and she didn’t want me to feel weird about her. I realised that no matter what, Alba wouldn’t lie to me. If she said that she’d never done anything magical to me then I believed her. I told her I was sorry for freaking out the night before and that I knew it was true because I’d heard the wind too hadn’t I?

I put my arms around her and she hugged me back and when we looked up finally Simon was gone. We went back to her place and had sex. For like, ages.

We were holding each other when her phone went off, so I got up and had a shower. After the shower I was mostly dry but I wanted to check my hair, the mirror had fogged all up and stuff so I wiped it and then I wigged because it wasn’t me in the mirror, it was Simon and he said ‘if you don’t listen, it will get worse for her.’ I pretty much lost my shit then and started attacking the mirror. I just wanted to smash it you know, like destroy it so Simon couldn’t be in it any more. I got pretty cut up but I didn’t care, I just went nuts.

Alba appeared in the door and was like ‘what are you doing?’ I explained about Simon being in the mirror and she wasn’t that surprised, she said that mirrors are like, thin places between worlds. I said that didn’t sound good and we shouldn’t have thin places like that and she pointed out that I’d made hundreds of thin places instead of just the one. Plus she was worried that my blood was on some of the shards and she said that maybe we should do some kind of spell to cleanse it or bind Simon or protect us or whatever.

I was all for it. I mean, I was freaked you know? Alba asked if I had anything of Simon’s and I said I did back at the house. I left her my Meat is Murder Smiths T shirt and borrowed one of her tie-dyed ones. I guess I was feeling okay about her having tokens of mine you know? I trust her so it’s not an issue. I cycled home in the rain and I guess I was still bleeding from the cuts and stuff because when I got to the hotel and went past mum on the front desk her eyes went real wide. I waved and went upstairs to the rooms where we live. Inside was Simon. He was sitting on a chair in my room. He asked me to go with him, so I could see what it was that was causing all this trouble for him. He said some other stuff about Alba too and I got real angry and I was freaked so I ignored him, I just walked around, stuffed some clothes in my bag, grabbed the CD he’d made me a couple months ago and an umbrella and went to leave.

Mum and Dad were waiting right outside the door. Mum had this first aid kit and tried to stick bandages on me but Dad was all angry like ‘What happened to you! Vincent! What is going on, son!’ and I was like ‘um, I fell off my bike,’ which was a lame excuse but it was all I had and Dad didn’t believe me for a second and Mum grabbed onto me. She has this thing where she thinks if she hugs me hard enough I’ll just have a brain transplant and tell her everything that is going on in my life. She was all ‘just tell us what’s going on, we’re so concerned about you, did you get in a fight?’ and then I just had had enough so I yelled at them to stop because they didn’t understand me and they shouldn’t even try to. That more or less worked once I shrugged Mum off and then I left.

I ran into Seed on the street. I mean, not literally ran into her but I saw her and she saw me and came up to talk. She asked why I was bleeding and I said it had been a rough day, because I am king of the understatements, although I noticed that the cuts were still seeping blood which was pretty unusual. Seed asked if I wanted her to try and fix the cuts up and I said, well, if you think you can then sure. Seed stroked my arm and it felt pretty good, cool and kind of sparky and the bleeding stopped.

She was really sympathetic and she has these really interesting eyes. She asked what was going on and I found myself telling her all the weirdness with my dead friend and how my girlfriend and I were going to do something about it. She asked who my girlfriend was and I said ‘Alba’ and Seed said ‘Oh yeah, she’s pretty’ and I agreed but it was getting kind of strange by then. Seed asked if she could come with me but I said it was better if she didn’t.

It was getting really late, like nearly midnight by this point. When I got to Alba’s house the door was open which gave me a bad feeling, she’s usually pretty good about keeping it locked. I called out her name when I went in because the day had been intense and I didn’t want any more surprises. She called out that she was in the bathroom so I went in there. Alba had set up a circle of salt around the broken mirror pieces and there were candles burning and some herbs and stuff. She looked freaked and said she wasn’t so sure that she should be doing magic but when I told her that Simon had been in my house she said we should. I said we definitely should. She told me to wait in the other room and I asked if she didn’t want me to help and she said no.

I heard her say some stuff and then there was a wind or something. Then the door opened and her Dad came home.

[ This is clearly, a very one sided in character actual play report. A bunch of other stuff happened (such as Alba talking to her father while Vincent was in the shower and Seed, Sex Goddess, making everyone in English love her and nearly causing an angry mob, but this is my experience of the game. Other players, feel free to add stuff that I missed 🙂 ]

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