Things I Love Thursday – videos edition

This song by Michael Franti – Say hey I love you. It’s such a lovely, catchy song and the video is guaranteed to make you smile.

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah! (I love 30 Rock a lot.)

Zombie dance!

I want to see this modern re-imagining of Beauty and the Beast featuring Mary-Kate Olsen as the witch.

And finally this adorable cover of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes “home” featuring an adorable little girl who sings so well and will melt your heart.

Honourable mentions: Naps, Batgirl, new roleplaying joy, psychic connections, looking forward to Kapcon, trivia quizzes, good books and cherry yoghurt.


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday – videos edition

  1. -Hanging out with my wee Tom on his own(James is staying with my folks)
    -Lettuce, brocolli, beans, courgettes from my garden… and tall sunflower seedlings, many many green tomatoes & aubergine and capsicum flowers promising future bounty!
    -Kapcon playtests
    -Anticipating Kapcon
    -Resolutions to “be my mate” and “take myself seriously” seem to be defeating the slump

    -This made me laugh because I’m the Mom!
    -Information is beautiful
    -All of the TED talks in this post of Steve’s

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