I’m in a TV show

well, a web series. A web series that is slowly being uploaded online in the hopes that people will like it and we can get some money together to do a feature length movie.

The Winding City is a story about some friends in Wellington who stumble onto something supernatural.

You can tell it was a while ago that we shot this because my hair is so super short. (And Nick’s is so long.) I come in around the 2 minutes, 35 seconds mark, in case you were wondering.

Conan McKegg is the driving force, being the creator, the writer and director/producer. All credit to him for the words and stuff. I’m happy to take credit for my acting and my costumes, I was in total control of what I wore ;p

Please share this around if you liked it, put it on your blog or share the link back here, tell your friends, show it at parties and send it around work. We want to get a fan base!

More info including my blog posts about the shooting can be found by using The Winding City tag below. The next episodes will be online in the next few weeks (I think) and you can follow The Winding City on Twitter for more info.


5 thoughts on “I’m in a TV show

  1. Swweeeet!!! πŸ˜€ I have waited so long to see this! Nice work πŸ™‚

    I think I love most the cut away to where you dismiss the crystal synergistic healing guy, fab!!

    Also, excellent effects, that creepy guy at the end, and the shot of the city in the background…awesome!!!!

  2. Thanks Sok! The end bit of that scene is improved, it was meant to cut away when I said ‘don’t you ever shut up?’

  3. Thanks for that. I’ve been looking forward to seeing it and eagerly await the next episode. Your character is adorable. Well done on your acting and costume selection. Very cute πŸ™‚

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