Telestrations is awesome

A certain person who shall not be named gave me an excellent game for my birthday/Christmas. It’s Broken Picture Telephone, but in party game format with little whiteboard flip books and recommended words to start you off. In honour of certain person’s return to Wellington’s capital city, here is a round of the game we played on Saturday night. Also because it is hilarious.

Hermit Crab was the starter.

I am impressed that all through the game the crab remained and was grumpy.


5 thoughts on “Telestrations is awesome

  1. The sign looks like it’s for no tennis though. You can see the stick figures seem to have rackets/bats of some sort, and the ball is too smal proportionally (to their heads) to be a volleyball.

    Man, Crabs, get the right police deployed would ya? What’s the world coming too…


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