Things I Love Thursday

Best song from the Fraggles ever: Let me be your song. Also the talking after “there are no rules, and those are the rules.”

I am entirely in love with The Secret Knots, a strange, beautiful and often sad collection of comics that I found via Here’s one of my favourites. Reminiscent of such things as Softer World

Thog’s masterclass will randomly generate examples of hilariously poor choices of words and contradictions found in science fiction writing. Check it out for such gems as “Gundahari and Gundrun shouted their thoughts with their faces.” and “I slammed my chain against the pig, drawing the hooked end across its throat to kill it. I respected all life.” Lolz forever.

Also, if you haven’t already you should really check out The Winding City. I’ve had a lot of people say nice things about it…The more hits we get, the more likely we can get noticed by mainstream media, etc so please consider linking to it on your own blog or tweeting it, etc.

I’m looking forward to Kapcon this weekend, I am signed up for some sweet games and the big LARP should be fun. I am participating in the Games on Demand room which may mean that I run some games and may not, depending on what players we get and what they feel like playing.

Honourable Mentions: Sunshine, clean house, Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock, Sherbet cones from Wendy’s, tacos for dinner, old friends coming back to town, the mechanical dinosaur machine they use to tear up the road, The Very Potter Sequel, (Especially Lucius Malfoy!), Mark reading The Hunger Games, thinking about going away to the beach, seeing Tangled with my sister and niece and getting compliments.


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