Kapcon round 6

Behold the majesty of Captain Katamari!

I know he’s a lot to take in. Just bask in his majesty for a moment.

Okay, if you’re done basking. Captain Katamari was created by six of the Prince’s cousins to battle the evil Mega King and destroy the Dread Star he was creating. We each took a body part and rolled up dedicated items that would give each part certain traits.

You want to see more detail? Of course you do.

As you can see the head has the traits fruity, smells good and volcanic. Bana, the cousin who created the head was fruit obsessed so the mouth is a banana, the eyes are pineapples and the nose is a pear. We were all afraid of the face. Along the hair line is a row of volcanoes, they spew lava and smoke to create the hair.

You can see the two T Rex skulls in the Captain’s chest which hold the pipe organ heart. Brella, an umbrella themed cousin rolled up lots of organs (mouth organs, pipe organs, etc), bones and sets of six packs to create the body. The lower torso is made of six packs of six eggs and his groin is covered by shorts made out of six shorts.

The right arm was my cousin’s arm. Sparkle wanted the arm to be strong, punchy, grabby and stabby. I rolled up lots of crabs for the grabby, dumbells and gang members for punching and stabbing and I got a whole line of penguins with knives as well.

Sam’s pencil shaped Cousin, Penna, made an arm that was ropey, kidnappy and sticky. The idea being that once we had the Mega King in our clutches we’d want to hold onto him. The upper bicep is a pirate ship, the lower arm is made of a sack tied with rope. A glue stick and a jam sandwich hang from the rope ends. The fingers are Yogi Bear, Winnie the Pooh, a glass honey bear bottle, a pirate and a gummi bear. (Sam was quite demanding in case you couldn’t tell XD)

The legs. One was made to be very fast and was predominantly made of the Internet. This manifested as a LOLcat thigh and a robotic lower leg and foot. The other was supposed to be kicky, jumpy and Chuck Norris-ish. Unfortunately the pyramid-headed cousin who created the leg didn’t roll quite as well and only got Chuck Norris wannabes. Hence the leg has a thigh made of kicking legs, big beefy arms but a mere wannabeard on the knee, instead of a proper Norris beard. The lower leg has a big kicky boot with a spike on the toe.

So there you have him, Captain Katamari. I hope you suitably impressed, awestruck, humbled and inspired.

Drawing this picture was perhaps the highlight of Kapcon for me, and after I had completed him I lay on the floor and cried with laughter for roughly five minutes.

Thanks to Nick P for the game and to everyone who played in it!

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