Kapcon 2011 day one

I started the convention with Anna’s mini-LARP Dead Man’s Chest. It was a pre-generated ‘murder mystery’ evening style game but much more LARPish and the level of costuming was pretty darn high. I was cast as Elizabeth Swann Stanforth, the Governor’s daughter. I went for an anachronistic-but-got-the-idea across costume of a knee length shiny tiered skirt, pink tights, black boots, the top of my Victorian dress and a delicate silver charm necklace. Spoilers for the game follow so don’t read on if you think you might play it some time…

My character had just one secret: she hadn’t been kidnapped by pirates by accident, she had made a deal with Captain “Saucy” Nancy to be kidnapped so she could escape the engagement to the Spanish Don that her father arranged. My character goals were get out of the marriage, figure out if you want to be a pirate and try and get engaged to the naval captain instead.

I had a good time in this game, arguing with Scott who was playing my dad, my sister who had run away as a cabin boy on the other pirate ship, making friends with Captain Jack Sparrow Black, who unfortunately got thrown into a volcano at the end of the game, and arranging things so that I could have my cake and eat it. I got engaged to Captain Overy of the English navy and made an arrangement to meet up with Captain Nancy and go privateering with her when he was out of town. Nice one.

I was actually a little surprised at how much everyone seemed to want to help me, but this was probably helped by the fact that I forgot to play Elizabeth as a complete brat. I could have really ramped that up… There was some trouble with my sister running off with the Spanish to be a pirate and possibly getting blown to pieces but well, I wasn’t going to stop her living her own life.

That’s me, Daddy (without wig) and Captain Hal, my fiance.

We finished a little early and were roped in to being armed cops busting up a drug den very briefly. I’m not actually sure what that was about.

Second round I was running in the Games On Demand room and I got a group together to play Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon. Susan and Jonathan were the supernaturals and Nasia and (person I have forgotten the name of, sorry!) were the humans. It was decided that the supernaturals were cyborgs from the future. They had been sent back as implants, replacing kids at a school for the performing arts. They had fun not understanding things in the ‘past’, their mission was to ensure that Bastien and Chrissy mated because their baby was going to be the messiah and create a more utopian future.

Bastien, the human best friend, was a true emo’s emo and was obsessed with writing poetry about Chrissy, his best friend. Bastien pricked his finger in front of the others and started writing poetry with it.
Billy, the cyborg: Ew, what are you doing?
Bastien: I always write in my journal in blood.
Chrissy: It’s more personal.
Billy: Yeah, because no one else will be able to read it. It’s unhygienic.

Later Billy, who had a low emo quotient, was talking to Chrissy: I don’t know why there’s so many people in this school who are so busy making themselves miserable. Me? I’m brilliant!

However the path to love never did run smooth. Chrissy had a boyfriend already, Zane. Zane was an artist who worked in the field of large black canvasses of darkness and had a motorbike. Zane and Chrissy went on a date and Zane asked Chrissy if she would pose so that he could paint her. She agreed and Billy, who was dangling outside the window watching became angry. He threw a couple of rocks through the window. Chrissy put her clothes back on and Zane went to find the security guard. Billy used his psychic radio link to Kaylee the other cyborg, who was a gun toting white trash cheerleader, and she intercepted Zane. Once she had him alone she killed him, then fled the scene.

Kaylee: Zane won’t be breeding with Christina.

I was somewhat shocked by this action, but Jonathan and Susan had more crazy in mind. Together they stalked and more or less kidnapped Bastien and Chrissy to force them to have a picnic date in the middle of the night. There was some trouble with their English teacher who was also a cyborg from the future and also Chrissy was very very upset about Zane being dead. Kaylee became concerned that Billy’s human body emotions were over riding their mission and since Chrissy had taken Bastien inside when they had been revealed as super strong robots they decided that the best plan was to go back to the future.

If Bastien and Chrissy didn’t start getting it on within a couple of days Billy and Kaylee were going to come back and possess their bodies and get it on, thereby ensuring the idyllic cyborg future. Intense.

In Round Three I wasn’t needed for surge protection so I was able to play in Conan’s Smallville game, the fifth episode in a series called Destiny Investigations. None of the characters immediately leapt out at me so I let everyone else choose and ended up with Providence Parker: youngest sister, computer genius hacker, socially awkward and smitten with a mysterious and beautiful man introduced in the previous episode.

Having just run a super hyped game it wasn’t the easiest transition into a distant, socially awkward character who still loves her sister and brother…so I did my best to channel Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls and spoke in a monotone, used short abrupt sentences and generally rolled my eyes at everyone else’s stupidity. Frank was playing Chance, the somewhat fey and free loving middle sibling and Daena was Destiny, the eldest and the title character. We also had a cousin Joss, who was somewhat evil, and Christian, a cop who was Chance’s on again off again boyfriend. He called early on to ask Destiny to get Joss to come into the station for questioning about a recent murder.

Chance: What? She was just here, why didn’t you say then?
Destiny: Because!….I couldn’t!
Providence: He was still on the phone.
Chance: Oh, right.

Channelling Paris Geller worked through several scenes with my sister, and a trip to a local witch with Christian. In fact it was perfect right up until my crush, Evan Bridgewater showed up to take me out to lunch. Then I got to be flustered-Paris-with-a-crush. Destiny had bad feelings about Evan and did a psychic magicky thing to work out why and she discovered he was some kind of monster. Of course when she tried to tell Providence this, asking Evan to wait outside while we ‘had a word’ there was some resistance from my end.

Providence: You never let me have anything! I just have to do whatever you say and I never get what I want! I’m not listening to you this time!

I stormed out and joined Evan who was very ultra smooth and sophisticated. After a brief conversation with Chance outside the one cafe set the show had we went in to have lunch. Destiny tried calling but after a massive battle of wills between the two of us I did not answer it and continued the date by going back to Evan’s place. By then Providence (who had the want for Evan that he would ‘be her first’) was beginning to panic. She couldn’t call Destiny, obviously, and Chance was off trying to patch things with his own boyfriend so I called Joss. I knew Joss had lots of experience after all and she wouldn’t judge me.

Joss: So..where are you?
Prividence: A boy’s place! I think I’m wearing the wrong underwear.

Joss hesitated, here was an excellent opportunity to mess with her younger cousin but on the other hand, her younger cousin was appealing to her in earnest. She gave some pretty decent advice in the end and once they were off the phone, Joss texted Evan and told him to “be gentle”. Destiny had tried to get in touch with Chance in the mean time and been similarly ignored, so she was getting to the end of her patience. Chance and Christian had more or less made up and Evan went into another room and revealed to the camera that he is some kind of evil monster or possibly The Devil.

Conan gave us a chance to do a ‘next time on…’ I can’t remember all of them, just that Frank asked for a shot of the three Parker siblings having a group hug/healing circle thingie and I said I wanted a shot of Providence, back in the bathroom but looking dishevelled on the phone saying “I think I’ve made a big mistake.”

It was a fun game and I was just getting a hold on my character. I think Conan enjoyed my willingness to throw Providence into as much trouble as possible and I enjoyed the interaction with Frank and the guy playing Joss (Trond) lots too.

4 thoughts on “Kapcon 2011 day one

  1. I definitely enjoyed your version of Providence. She was a lot of fun to watch.

    Overall I was very pleased with how Destiny Investigations played out and I loved seeing how the characters all interacted. It definitely has made me keen to tackle doing a Smallville campaign at some point – although I’d probably have players make their own characters rather than have the DI cast. Even though I would love to see a show like Destiny Investigations. 🙂

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