Things I Love Thursday

Sometimes I remember things and I think to myself: that can’t really have happened, I must’ve dreamed I once saw Spiderman battle a Yeti that liked sitting on ice cream cones. But then io9 proves me wrong. Spiderman sketches from The Electric Company really were that odd.

❤ Kapcon was awesome, I really had an awesome time. One more Kapcon update and then I'll stop flooding my blog with it.

❤ Quilting is nice. I put together the second T shirt quilt with an old sheet and some backing and I have started with the hand stitching which I enjoy doing.

❤ Meeting up with old friends and making new friends over Kapcon weekend.

Honourable Mentions: Ice cap, clean jeans (even though they’re squeezy), new books arriving in the mail, playing Katamari Forever, fried chicken at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen, filming people talking about their favourite things, Friday Night Lights, Dr Who (Yes!) and wearing singlets.


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. did that Yeti just give himself an icecream enema?
    i’d forgot all about Spidey! i loved Electric Company!
    and Morgan Freeman! so young!!

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