Things I Love Thursday

Happy Year of the Rabbit everyone!

I have a lot to be thankful for this week. Starting with: Extra energy from exercising! My exercise regime is really pretty minimal, I try to go for a 14ish minutes run at least twice a week and do a bunch of crunches and push ups when I remember. I have got myself to a level of fitness where I have extra energy. I am a big fan of this side effect. Also my body is getting more toned which makes me feel good too.

Holiday, beachy beach holiday! The weather forecast is for rain, rainy rain and some showers, so I’m not sure how much I’ll get to swim but one can hope! At any rate I should get lots of reading done, play some hilarious games with friends and watch some movies. It will be relaxalicious!

Roleplaying this week has been excellent. An amazing double spotlight episode of Prime Time Adventures for Sophie and Celeste, which included much intense information exchange, emotional reactions and truly awesome roleplaying. My character, Will, didn’t get to do very much but I was able to jump in and produce a little and at the end Will killed his nemesis so that’s all good. Then last night we had our first episode of Fall since before Christmas and that was just…epic. I’ll try and get the actual play done before I go on holiday.

Lists of good middle grade/young adult books which portray kick ass teens and addresses feminist issues. I’ve read a bunch of these and agree, but I’m not sure why A Great and Terrible Beauty is on the Bitch list, I couldn’t get through it because it was just a relentless mean girls bitchfest. But anyway, awesome lists.

Selling my RPG. So far I’ve had 6 sales of my first editions and I have a few more on the reserve list. Plus, today I fixed it up to sell via Lulu, so people can get a .pdf download for US$5 or a book for US$10. If you’re keen on one of the ones I have in my possession, I have extras and I will sign them 🙂 Let me know!

Firefox has encountered a problem with Windows…

Honourable Mentions: Crab onigiri from Midland sushi, raw fish, house guests who cook for you and clean your house before they leave, new books to read, writing ridiculous but awesome fanfic, sleeping the whole night through and milkshakes.

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2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Making me happier today:
    -happy wee boys
    -linear maths course notes have arrived
    -have finished facility audit and it wasn’t too bad
    -having a Mega Roleplaying to look forward to

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