Fall actual play 213 – ‘With friends like these…’

Ash and Yuki have driven off with Megan, Calvin, Alex and Darius at the side of the road. Calvin gets out of the car and starts texting. There are a couple of back and forth texts and then he gets back in the car. He starts driving, going the way Ash’s truck went.
Alex: where are we going?
Calvin: Picking up Megan.
Alex: Oh. What did you do?
Calvin: Texted Ash.
Alex wants to ask more but sees that Calvin doesn’t want to talk with Darius in the car. They drive a while and find Megan waiting at a crossroads up ahead. She gets in, angry and emotional but unhurt.
Calvin drops Megan and Darius off, Megan manages a terse ‘thank you’ before heading inside to cry.

Calvin asks Alex if she wants to go back to her place, and she agrees. Then she asks what Calvin did, again.
Calvin: I texted Ash. He was going to kill Megan.
Alex: What did you say to him?
Calvin pulls over and turns to Alex: You’re not going to like it.
Alex: What won’t I like?
Calvin: Uh, I told him that if he let her go…I would go with them.
Alex: What.
C: He was going to kill her.
A: Yeah, but you’re just going to go with them and let them turn you into a vampire?
C: He won’t do it right away…

They talk it through, Calvin pointing out that Darius can do the spell and locate Calvin so they can intervene before he is turned. Alex is unconvinced and points out that if it had been up to her to choose she would rather lose Megan than Calvin. Calvin says it was the only bargaining chip he could think of. Alex leaves the car and runs away into the night. Calvin drives home. Alex goes to her room and cries.

On Saturday – the day of the Spring Fling – Alex wakes early and looks at her phone. There’s a text from Calvin “are we still on for tonight?” then a second one “I love you and I want to take you to the dance. Understand if you’d rather not.” She replies “We’re still on. There are things that need to be said.” Then she stays in bed, moping and listening to loud emo music. Her little brother tries to bug her but she jams a chair under the door to stop him getting in.

Megan gets up to find her mother has been up for some hours making waffles. There is a large stack by the oven. She asks if Megan wants any, Megan says yes and then her mother breaks down in tears.

Calvin has sat up all night on the couch, watching infomercials. Mason walks in and they talk for a bit.

Alex gets her mother to drive her to the Spring Fling where she finds Jacinta waiting outside for Darius. She tells her that D won’t be coming and then texts D “You stood her up, you’re a jerk.”

Calvin turns up at Alex’s house and is surprised when her mother says she’s already gone to the dance. There is an awkward scene where they introduce themselves and Calvin says he must have got his wires crossed and leaves. Unnoticed by him Alex’s parents freak out and wonder who he is.

At the dance Alex is hanging out by the wall, glaring at boys who look like they might ask her to dance. One approaches anyway, she says no and he asks her for five good reasons why she shouldn’t dance with him. Her fifth “I have a boyfriend” coincides with Calvin appearing behind him. 6 foot 4, looking somewhat pissed off, bad ass in a tuxedo and with a nice big bruise across his jaw. The guy leaves.
C: I thought I was picking you up.
A: Oh, sorry. No, I thought we were meeting here.
C: Well, I met your mother.
Alex and Calvin have a drink together, try to talk but are v awkward. Mostly it’s small talk. Calvin produces a somewhat crumpled box and presents it to Alex.
C: It’s a corsage, Martha said I had to…
Alex looks stunned
C: You don’t have to wear it or anything.
A: No, I will. Thanks. (She puts it on, it’s an orchid.)
More awkward small talk until there’s a massive crash and a scream from the other side of the room. Relieved that there’s violence and mayhem to deal with Alex runs over, Calvin following.

It’s Megan. She’s arrived at the dance in her dress and makeup, but she looks dishevelled and is definitely drunk. She has knocked over one of the icicle laden trees, one of the icicles has torn another girls’ ball dress and she’s steaming, demanding Megan does something about it. Megan shrugs and says ‘bad luck’. Alex storms off, leaving Calvin to deal with drunk and belligerent Megan, who immediately throws herself into his arms and starts crying. He pats her back gingerly and suggests she sits down. The lacrosse coach, Mr Richardson, comes past and asks if Megan is drunk, she says no but Calvin nods imperceptibly at him. The teacher, assuming Calvin is her boyfriend and therefore responsible suggests that he take her home. He reluctantly agrees, and goes to tell Alex. Megan hasn’t let go of him, she’s walking with his support. Calvin tells Alex he’s taking Megan home and Alex stonily says ‘fine’.

In the car there are awkward silences punctuated with awkward conversations that Calvin tries to shut down.
Megan: So what happened?
Calvin: When?
M: Like, always.
C: Yeah, you’re going to have to be more specific.

Megan points out that Alex seems pissed off and when Calvin agrees he has to explain what he did, that he said he would go with Ash. Megan is distraught and insists that he can’t do it.
Calvin: Well, I don’t want to.
M: No, I mean you can’t! I won’t let you!
C: Okay, you won’t let me. Fine.
M: No! You can’t. If anything happened to you I’d just die!
C”: Look Megan. I did this for you, so that you and your mother could try and be happy.

When they pull up outside Megan’s house she lunges in and Calvin kind of deflects it into a hug rather than a smooch. Megan blurts out again that he can’t go with Ash and that she loves Calvin. Calvin sighs heavily and she runs from the car. Up to her room to cry.

Back at the dance Mr Richardson nods at Calvin and thanks him. Calvin glares back, but Mr Richardson doesn’t seem to notice. Alex has spent the time he’s been gone talking to Jacinta, sneaking alcohol off likely jocks and angry dancing in the middle of the floor. When she sees Calvin is back she strides over to him and kisses him very angrily. Calvin puts his arms around her, relieved. Alex pulls back, determined to get something out.
Alex: If you’re going to drive off with some blood thirsty vampire then I’m not going to let you go without telling you that I love you and I don’t think I can kill you.
Calvin: I don’t want you to kill me.
A: But if they turn you…
C: So…you’ll just have to get there first. But thanks for saying it.
They have a hug. There is a super romantic slow dance sequence with Alex and Calvin at the dance set to The Only Exception by Paramore. This is intercut with Megan being sad and emo at home and receiving a text from no number “I don’t understand your distress. But I can remove your problems.”

Calvin and Alex go home together and wake up the next morning. Calvin makes excellent toaster waffles for breakfast. (Seriously, I rolled and got a natural 10). They talk about how they have to deal with whatever it is that’s causing people to commit suicide. Alex does some research online and finds that two teens died last night in a car crash but there don’t seem to be any new suicide. Alex asks if Calvin got Megan home okay and Calvin nods, tells her that she said she loved him.

Megan spends quiet time with her mother, looking through photograph albums

Calvin and Alex let themselves into Darius’s house and use his library to look for references to suicide sprees. Alex finds references to witch’s hexes and Calvin finds reports of drugs that might cause people to sink into despair. They head into town to ask at the magic shop, but it’s closed. Calvin calls Honest Sam for info and he tells them that there are some demons that have an injection spine thing that might cause despair (Donark demons), but he points out that despair and pain is kind of demons’ whole deal so it’s not very specific. He says there’s nothing new on the supernatural front that he’s noticed.

Alex asks him what he knows about ascension and Sam gets quite concerned, asking what they know. They give him the limited information they have about Claudia and he asks if they could let him know if it’s going to happen.

Calvin drops Alex home and heads back to Darius’s to look for a way to keep vampires out when they’ve been invited but he can’t find anything more useful than “Don’t invite them in.”

Alex goes to Megan’s house and Alex asks what she’s doing about the whole intelligent computer thing, she says she can’t do much since she doesn’t have a computer in the house any more.
Alex: Maybe you should find a way. Your mess to clean up and all that.
Megan: Yeah, thanks. Are you leaving now?
Alex tells Megan to back off on Calvin, pointing out that he’s her boyfriend.
A: He’s not into you. He never has been and he’s never going to be.
They fight about that for a while, Megan asking why Alex dumped Mason if she was just going to start dating Calvin while Megan was in New York. Esp since she knew Megan was into Calvin. Alex points out that Megan was dicing with her life going to NY with Ash and then they fight about Ash for a bit. Finally it comes down to how Megan always runs away from her problems, and the whole bullied by cheerleaders and cutting Alex out of her life.

Alex heads to Darius’s, deciding to channel her anger into a more productive direction and wakes him up, encouraging Nebby to run up the stairs with her. She asks D to do a find named spell and track down Ash so she can slay him. Darius whines about how he’s not allowed to do music unless it suits Alex. Alex heads back down stairs, saying she’ll wait til Darius is up. Calvin greets her at the bottom of the stairs. Alex, still steamed, says: He’s not getting you!
Calvin, concerned: Darius is in love with me too?
A: Not everyone is in love with you.
C: Thank god.
A (thinking): Actually…maybe everyone is kind of in love with you.
C: Right?
They kiss angrily, Alex establishing her territory.

Megan arrives, gives them a brief greeting and then hops on Darius’s computer to look for Ash and Yuki. She doesn’t have much luck, but then a window pops up with some kind of GPS location information presumably from her AI. Alex tries to bully Darius into a location spell but he points out that they aren’t sure of Ash and Yuki’s real names.

Alex drags Calvin outside. A: What happens now?
C: They’re going to come back for me.
A: When?
Calvin shrugs.

Megan tells Darius she’s going to take the sword he offered her previously.
D: Oh fine, just use me like everyone else does.
M: Oh and that spell that made me fall in love with you? Fuck off.

After some discussion over whether it’s the best course of action, the gang piles into Kermit and they drive to Boston, where Megan says Ash and Yuki seem to be. There is a lot of sniping between Megan, Alex and Darius. Calvin keeps quiet and doesn’t get drawn into any of the arguments, even when invited to do so.

They arrive in Boston a couple of hours before dawn and find Ash’s truck parked in front of an apartment building.

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