Things I Love Thursday

Roleplaying. My roleplaying games are all exceptionally good right now. Even if my beloved werewolf FBI agent Will got shot in the chest on Tuesday and I couldn’t sleep well after that. Tonight is Fall with guest star vampires and Sunday I am getting some more sweet sweet Monsterhearts action. Oh yeah.

Silver Kiss! It’s been selling online! People I have never met are talking about it and rating it at 5 stars! People are keen to help out and OMG it’s exciting. Seriously.

Fans of Telestrations hear me! There is a website where you can play it! Eat Poop U Cat it’s called (not sure why) but you can draw your own picture online or in Paint or whatever fancy programme you have and upload it. It’s addictive, hilarious fun!

Honourable Mentions: Midland sushi, meeting lovely boys for lunch, meeting lovely girls for lunch, eating delicious food, not making a big deal about Valentines Day but still having a nice night, singing harmonies in Rock Band 3, being music stalked on Grooveshark, jokes, candy, new socks, books, DVDs, sleeping, cool pillow and sunshiney days.

Now watch this Star Wars/instructional video from the 50’s mashup.

and share your thankfulness list below, if you please 🙂