Be Prepared -better late than never, right?

OK, so I was meant to post this back in October and I just plum forgot. Christchurch just had another major earthquake, and that has freaked me out. Finally, the reminder email for being prepared.

So, you’ve had way more than 3 weeks to get your stuff together for emergency survival. How did you do?

Original post here, a bunch of people asked for reminders in the comments.

My list:

get back up batteries for the torch and a bigger, meatier torch might be nice too. Yes, we got a new torch and a fancy survival pack for two for Christmas. It has water purification tablets, space food and heaps of good stuff.
Transistor radio? Conceivably not necessary if we have access to the car, but we should probably not rely on the car. I think survival pack had a wee radio with it…must check.
– Landline phone that doesn’t need electrical power. We only have a flashy called ID phone that relies on the cradle being connected to mains power. – Didn’t manage this one.
Couple more things for the first aid kid (esp wipes, gauze, etc) – Sorted.
– Alternate method of cooking. We have a little wood burner BBQ but not so much fuel for it. – Didn’t do this either, but we’ve got heaps more canned food and water in the house, and that makes me feel better about things.

How about you, those that commented back in September?


7 thoughts on “Be Prepared -better late than never, right?

  1. We still need to set up grab-and-go bags (especially since we’re in a tsunami danger zone), and I don’t think we have any water purification tablets; I’m hoping some of my alcohol will make it through. 😉

    We’ve not got as much canned or dried food as I’d like, but we do have a wee cooker. Hmm, I should check that we’ve got a lighter packed in there, as well.

  2. Ummmmm! I is still as unprepared as I was then… plenty of food, torches, primus (though not much fuel), no water, no radio. And no place where it all is kept. Will get shit together soon.

    What is the deal with sterilising plastic bottles/ putting bleach in? Like how much do you use?

  3. My kit is about the same – 15 litres of water, a few cans of food, a can opener. Could use some work – water purification tablets sound like a good idea, and a small cooker of some type too.

  4. Oh, and a torch, and baterries. I keep the torch by my bed (given if a disaster hits during the night that’s probably where I’ll be), but the batteries are in the box.

    Ideally I guess a plastic storage container of some sort would be useful to keep it all in. I have it all in a cardboard box at the moment, but I imagine that might disolve in, say, flood conditions, so plastic might be preferable.

  5. Crazily we were all sorted in Wellington, but having just moved we really weren’t! Fortunately we have power. I filled the bath and several things up with water, which we can boil (yay power!) and we’d just done a supermarket shop.
    Can I just say YAY POWER and YAY CABLE BROADBAND again! Even though we can’t flush the loo. But we are so so lucky.

  6. Nag me after the weekend!

    Apparently Palmy is set to liquefy if we get a big one, and our place is right by the river, so the grab bag with clothes, snacks, torches a wee tarp and a story book seems like a good plan.

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