Things I Love Thursday Earthquake edition

There is so much to be thankful for this week.

After the earthquake in Christchurch there were a lot of scared people. Social networking really rocked then, because those who were able to checked in and set people’s minds at ease. Those of us in other cities were able to use twitter to follow the news, especially useful when the major news websites were overloaded. There were a couple of false rumours flying around, but they were far outnumbered by the sharing of news and ways to help. Such a relief to see posts from friends down there and know that they are all right.

Fundraising – my Silver Kiss game has never been cheaper than it is in this Quake relief bundle. Heaps of amazing games in there, they calculate you save $300 and all of your $20 goes to the New Zealand Red Cross. There are heaps of shows happening around Wellington and bars doing special offers, all in the name of quake relief.

Sally’s blog on the importance of human connection in times like these. It makes me want to hug Sally, and basically everyone I know, really hard.

I am thankful that so far the news of people I know down there has only been good. As of the time of publishing I still haven’t had news on one cousin, her husband and kids. Fingers crossed that they’re safe, much love to people whose news hasn’t been so good.

Trade Me set up an Earthquake support centre where people can advertise accommodation available, lost and found pets, volunteer labour offers, etc and it’s all searchable. I have been involved in the drive on Holiday Houses for owners to offer free/cheap accommodation. The response has been awesome. It’s so heartwarming to see all these people opening up their houses to people.

Honourable Mentions: Emergency preparedness, people checking in on each other, sympathy, senses of humour, my husband, my family and my extended family, all my lovely friends, Glee for calming me down on Tuesday night, Supernatural for releasing new episodes, perspective, quake-proof housing, rescue workers, running water and hugs.


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